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Aug 29, 2008 11:23 AM

Where to purchase Irish moss in Toronto?

I've checked at Noah's and at The Big Carrot - no luck there. I have no other leads. Please help!

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  1. My suggestion would be House of Spice in Toronto or try any of the little Latin markets in Kensington Market. I buy mine at the Hamilton Farmer's Market from a vendor who deals in Caribbean and Latin American specialty goods.

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    1. re: Mike from Hamilton

      Hello Mike,

      Would you happen to know the name of the vendor booth or location in the market... I use to live in Hamilton but love in Barrie so my next visit to Hamilton I will stop in. Does the market have specific hours.



    2. Lots of West Indian and Caribbean supermarkets carry Irish Moss. The two big chains I'm certain have it is Nicey Food Mart and Danforth Food Market. Please google for their many locations around the GTA.

      Gonna love your new found libido and maybe unwanted erections. ;) LOL

      1. If you have no luck anywhere else, try a beer making supply store.

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        1. re: foodyDudey

          You shouldn't have a problem if you go to any West Indian /Jamaican store either in Kensington Market or Eglinton Avenue West (near Oakwood) or perhaps in the suburbs (I live near the Annex so I am not that familiar with suburban areas)

        2. Caribbean Corner in Kensington, Baldwin street, just east of Kensington street, south side. There are two stores side by side, either one of which will have Irish Moss, along with a trove of other treats and staples. Enjoy.

          1. Saw it today at St. Lawrence market in Lively Life Fine Foods (downstairs, north end of the south market). I'm sorry I failed to note the price.