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Aug 29, 2008 11:16 AM

Cake in suburban MD

Can anyone recommend a locally owned bakery with great cakes in Montgomery or Prince George's County? I'm especially interested to learn about bakeries that carry tres leches cakes, but any good cake leads are welcome. Thanks!

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  1. My coworker loves The Cakery in Bowie

    1. every year, i get a birthday cake from stella's bakery off of rockville pike. not sure if they carry tres leches cake but this place is downright phenomenal.

      1. La Flor de Puebla at 6300 Kenilworth Avenue in the Little Mexico section of Riverdale Park (Prince George's County) is a true Mexican bakery and makes a great tres leches cake and all sorts of delights including bolillos (crusty sandwich rolls) and Conchas (pastries with swirled sugar on top). Grab a tray and a pair of tongs when you walk through the door and help yourself. Rudimentary Spanish-speaking skills help, but are not required. Open 24/7.

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          It is not tres leches, however, the cinnamon creme cake at corner bakery is amazing.
          you can get it by the slice of cake. It is a very moist and buttery poundcake with cinnamon swirls throughout.

        2. Don't know where you can get tres leches cake (perhaps the bakery at the intersection of NH and University or the one in the HMart shopping center on Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring), but one of the better bakeries around is the Woodmoor Bakery at Four Corners in Silver Spring.

          1. Desserts by Gerard in Oxon Hill.