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Looking for good take out in Etobicoke

Looking for something besides burgers for a good take out dinner in etobicoke...any suggestions? i've read some previous posts, but i'm just wondering if there is anything new around here - I grew up here, but live downtown.

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  1. A couple of my faves:

    New Toronto Fish and Chips (on 5th Street, north of lakeshore); Old school fabulous. everything made fresh to order, homemade fries, tender fish, and crispy well seasoned batter. Sometimes a tad greasy, but that's the nature of the beast...

    Thyme 4 Pasta (on Queensway between Islington and Royal York); pretty decent italian food. We love the Penne Arrabiata, and even the take-out orders come with a square of house made foccacia bread, wrapped in wax paper.

    Astoria (Dundas W of the 427- technically in Mississagua, but very close to me in the south west end of etobicoke); large pieces of freshly grilled chicken souvlaki, flavourfullt seasoned rice and potatoes, good quality feta on the salads and super garlicky tatziki

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      I always enjoy green mango, just east of royal york on the north side of bloor. On that same block is a good little sushi place, as well as ViBO and Magic spot (they have greek meals beyond their burger and fries).

    2. There's a new pho restaurant just opened at Six Points Plaza. My husband and I went for lunch recently for lunch and enjoyed it. They have take out available.

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        Really? what are their prices? I usually hop off the subway at Islinton, but might have to try kipling just for this little gem.


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          I would manage your expectations around this one, craigger. I found the ambience, service and presentation to be pretty good, but the food itself to be lacking. The springrolls were small and not very vietnamese (my faves are at Saigon Palace, to give you a sense of what i think of as good). I had a "spicy chicken curry" which was not spicy, and had very little flavour (nice white dishes though, which you won't be enjoying because we're talking take-out). My spouse had the vermicelli and it was just ok. Overall, not nearly as good as some of the Vietnamese places downtown, but a passable change of pace for those of us in the west end.

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            I found myself near kipling subway saturday night and decided to give it a try - I only had pho and a bit of tea, but I have to say I agree with you, although the pho is passable to anyone but the most picky of 'hounders.

            I will be going back there, especially after having to try out the Chinese place on the north side of Bloor a few weeks ago. blech.

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            I tried Pho House last week. The prices are reasonable but the flavour of the pho broth is underwhelming. There wasn't much depth. Atmosphere and waitstaff are very friendly though and given its location, I'd probably return for the convenience factor alone. I didn't have an opportunity to try any of their Thai dishes so I can't comment on those.

            If you're interesting in looking at the menu, I do believe they have a website.

        2. I am often in this area, keep the suggestions coming ;)

          I drive by that Thyme place all the time but never thought they did take-out -- I am glad to hear they do! I will be trying this very soon

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            They make a good penne arrabiata and some good pizza. They also deliver.

          2. MayFlower @ Royal York and Lawrence is my Favorite "Canadian style" Chinese take-out spot around.

            1. This is my ongoing nightmare. There is nothing new. There are not a lot of places in the west end that are worth going to. That said, I have been able to navigate my way around.

              Chinese - I agree Mayflower is as good as you can get for white folk chinese. There is good (fancy) dimsum at the Grand Chinese in the Doubletree on Dixon.
              Sushi - Gojima on Bloor near Islington (don't go to the place beside it)
              Pasta - Ottimo on Bloor at RY or Queens Pasta (Bloor west village) are staples for the $10 pasta and salad. It is what it is.
              Better than a burger: - Try the Cevap sandwich from Royal Meats on Kipling (ask for the white stuff and the tomato relish stuff
              Sangueech - go to California on the Queensway for the Hot veal
              Chicken - Bom Apetite right beside the DeWalt moose on Queensway east of Kipling (get it grilled)
              Indian - Everest on the Lakeshore just west of Palace pier (beside the new Quebec place) looks scary but the food is really good

              Welcome to my world. And there are really no good wings out this way. I was hoping Longest Yard would be salvation, but they're way below the original location. Some ok wings but nothing good. Good luck.

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                I agree with most of these.
                BTW, The sushi "other place" has closed and re-opened as Sushi 2 Go. We usually go to Momiji - good sushi, much better service that Gojima

                We did find very tasty chicken wings at Bert and Ernies on Dundas at The East Mall, of all places. Good chips, too. Haven't eaten anything else there, and I'm not sure I'd want to. But the wings were very good by west-end standards.

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                  This past spring Bert and Ernies served my husband and I the WORST meal we've had at a restaurant in a very long time. We shudder every time we go by there and will never return there willingly again. I can't remember exactly what I ordered but what stands out (still) in my mind is that the "vegetables" that came with my meal were so freezer burnt I thought the waitress at least would have been embarassed to bring them out to the table. Apparently she didn't bother to look at what she was carrying to the table (neither did the chef when s/he was cooking it, so no difference I guess...) because once I pointed them out to her she did, at least, have the decency to blush. I generally don't make a huge fuss over my meal in a restaurant but I actually did send my meal back there. Additionally, the room was freezing cold (most people were wearing their outdoor jackets, zipped up). We mentioned it to the waitress and she looked at us like we were crazy and said she was hot (she was the only waitress and was running around so that's understandable--however, when the diners are shivering in their seats one has to remember who the customer is...). Sorry, a little long, but I just really think Bert and Ernie's is a really bad restaurant.

                  1. re: spicecat

                    I'm not surprised. Like I said, we are not at all interested in eating anything else on the menu.

                    All I can say is that the wings were very good each of the three or four times we have been there in the last year.

                    1. re: jacu

                      When B + E was between Bloor and Dundas across from where that A + P was they had excellent food and service. A place I worked at had their Christmas dinner there and it was fabulous. Used to return ocassionally for their stir fry plate which again was first class. Hadn't been in quite a while so decided to try their new place on Renforth Dr. Ordered some kind of a hot hamburger plate and it was horribly salty, so bad I could not eat it. Won;t be going back anytime soon. The Wild Goose on Eglinton (W/ Renforth) has a wing night on Tue. or Wed.and I hear they are really good, no first hand experience here.
                      Heard good reviews on Cahoots Bar and Grille at Renforth and Rathburn, typical greasy pub food and was not impressed with it either.

                      Can second that Astoria choice on Dundas, we are regulars there. They make a perfect salad everytime. Chicken souvlaki is a winner.

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                  Just to clarify - according to their staff, the meat in the burger and the meat in the cevap at Royal Meats are exactly the same recipe, just different shapes.

                3. This thread has been fairly amusing, I have to say! Not to shoot down anyone else or their opinion, but being in my mid 20s I find it amusing to see Bert and Ernies (ANY location) and Incahoots (Renforth and Rathburn) talked about for anything other than the drink specials. None of my friends, siblings or their friends would ever consider B&E or InCahoots for ANYTHING but drinks and maybe some fries to cushion the drinks- it's hard to find people my age who even enjoy going for drinks there, let alone for a meal...so I wouldn't say these are any indication of the food in Etobicoke (not to dismiss all your opinions, Im just saying I agree with the posters who said it was terrible, but what did you expect!...mind you maybe the original location was something to actually be remembered).

                  As for take out..a few places do decent take out that I have tried myself, but theyre definitely not the best of the best of anything haha:
                  - Lenny's Italian PIzza/Pasta (Dundas directly across from Montgomery House at Islington and Dundas)- gourmet pizzas and pastas, even lasagna to cook at home to go
                  - Jolly's (Italian) at Crossroads Plaza, 401 and Weston Rd (similar to Lennys)
                  - My Thai Kitchen (Bloor and Montgomery, across from Ottimo) has great thai food, except for the pad thai (and im usually pretty satisfied with the "Toronto" version of pad thai)
                  - Milano's Pizza- a tried and true favourite, I believe they have some other sides like wings and such but I cant vouch for those- Dundas and...Shaver almost? Not sure of the cross street.
                  - Yellow Cup Cafe- Ive had most of their menu and can vouch for it when eaten there, but I dont know how their take out is, especially the crepes...worth a shot for sandwiches, soups, crepes, salads..
                  - McNies Fish and Chips, greasy but great, Dundas at Martingrove

                  Those are just my add'ns to the list..I agree with Thyme 4, Mayflower, Green Mango, and a few others...I havent tried Pho House in Six Pts but it looked interesting so I was considering it, thanks for the input!

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                    Strawberryfields, you wrote exactly what crossed my mind when I read the B and E comments (no offence to the posters). B and E's is an etobicoke teenage hangout, not an eatery at all. It should not even be considered in a conversation about food in etobicoke because that is far from the purpose it serves. It definately is a watering hole. Too bad this is not always obvious to non-teens.
                    One more to add is capi's pizza on dundas, for thin crust italian style pies and food. Magoos is across the street, a great greasy spoon.

                    1. re: pancake

                      +1 on the (frankly laughable) dismissal of Hurt'in Ernies.

                      I used to frequent Sergios pizza at rathburn and renforth, as well as - gasp - the pizzaville at Mill road plaza for some greasy deep fried panzerattis (sp?)

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                        I've never had a good pizza from Capi's. And for the money, I had pretty high hopes the few times I thried. I like Magoos food and the people are nice. On the burger front, it is one of the better Etobicoke ones. I have never understood the Apache Burger phenomenon. The meat is gross, but the onion rings are good and greasy for a hangover. I think Red Cabin across the street is better and has a pretty good breakfast too. Lenn'y takeout is absolutely humongous portions amd efficient takout, but I have some quality issues. If I was a mom feeding kids on a Friday night, I can see it, but it's not very good. I don't think anything else has to be said about the B&E's. Eek.

                      2. re: strawberryfields

                        I second Milano's for pizza and their wings are good. Also, like McNie's which if you're up for it do haggis. It's too heavy for me but the small taste I had was tasty. My husband likes to get it.

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                          Milano's is on Bloor, not Dundas, I do believe. By the street that runs north from Kipling subway past the Tim Horton's/Wendy's.

                          1. re: strawberryfields

                            No offence taken, and I agree with most of your suggestions and can say the after three visits to Pho House, the pho is better than okay, but not great.

                            What can I say, I have some fun looking for good things in unremarkable, often seemingly impossible, places. Sometimes it lasts only for only a little while, since staff turnover at many of these kinds of places is blindlngly fast. And while I certainly opened myself up to criticism for a seemingly dubious recommendation, I do stand by it. The wings at B&E on Tuesday night were good. And before you get all uppity about places non-teens should or should not go, let's remember wings are bar food. The Anchor Bar was nothing more than a local "watering hole" in Buffalo. I'm just saying, don't knock it 'til you try it.

                            1. re: jacu

                              I second My Thai on Bloor and Montgomery. As for pho we get take out from Hoaikuong at 716 Queensway near Royal York - cheap and tasty...I haven't tried their other dishs in a while so can't really comment, but their pho is the best we've had between mississauga and Goldn Turtle.

                          2. There's a little place called Café Sympatico in the plaza at Burnhamthorpe & Saturn -- good sandwiches there.

                            1. I have some recommendations that I don't think is mentioned yet.

                              1- Bom Apetite Churrasqueira on 1176 The Queensway. Small rotisserie serving Portuguese Chicken, basically the same chicken as Swiss chalet but with a creamy spicy sauce served on the side. Their potatoes are good too.

                              2- The Musket on 40 Advance. German pub with excellent BBQ Pork Hox (leg). I tried take-out once, but the leg has crispier skin if eaten onsite.

                              3- Chodang soon tofu on 5310 Dundas West (East of Kipling). They make their own tofu, so it is very fresh. If you like Korean food, it is probably the best in the area without going to Korean town in Bloor, or the international food center at Dundas/Hurontario.

                              I agree that Royal Meat is a good take out place too, not ur typical burger joint. Newly opened place at Kipling/North Queen. it's nice that I can choose the piece of patty or steak I want on my burger. it gives it a sense of freshness, like I am in a butchery, and have it grilled immediately.

                              i hope this helps.


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                                Hi CasualG... --- re. your " crispier " comment, the main problem is that the sealing of the of the contents.package creates steaming. Never let anything hot, fried, etc. be enclosed, lose some heat to retain the crisp. Otherwise, fries, wings, etc. etc. all continue cooking in that enclosed heat. Even a pizza pick up, makes me just lift the lid to make a big difference. Your #2 item from the Musket, does sound interesting!!

                              2. iL Paesano
                                395 Browns Line
                                Great pizza and veal sandwich's among other things too
                                This place is an institution !

                                1. It's not so dire as all that. Our go-to's:

                                  1. Paul & Sandy's bbq
                                  2. La Torterilla- Kipling near Queensway
                                  3. Mr. Sub on Queensway- before you scoff, the guy(s) that own this place, have sub-making down to an art. they take their time and make seriously great subs.
                                  4. California sandwiches- is it the best? no. Is it passable? yep.