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Aug 29, 2008 09:50 AM

What to order at La Belle Vie lounge? (Minneapolis, MN)

Thinking about getting a light dinner/cocktails there tonight. What is good in the lounge? I'll probably be splitting it with my girlfriend, and she does not eat prawns. The tagliatelle sounds excellent, any remarks? Also, would I need a reservation?

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  1. You probably won't need a reservation, but I would call ahead and try and reserve one of the "half-moon" booths in the back corners. They are the most romantic seats in town. You can sit next to one another and look out over the whole room.

    I would order a bottle of champagne. Pierre Peters if they have it, or the Turgy. Order at least a glass of Champagne if a bottle is too much.

    For food, don' t forget that you can order off the main restaurant menu in the lounge as well. We often mix and match.

    The $40 lounge tasting menu is usually awesome and is a great deal.

    The tagliatelle is indeed excellent.

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      the op might not *normally* need a res, but with the impending RNC and LBV's high profile as one of the best restaurants in town i would ***highly*** rec calling ahead, as a lot of folks are already in town for the convention and snapping up tables in the nicer restaurants! just a thought~!

    2. You will definitely want to make a rez if you want to choose your table (we like the booths at the back of the room).

      Lamb burgers, cheese plate, escargot for sure. Steer clear of the fries, they are boring and the ketchup just takes like clove. I like the foie @ LBV, but it is pate served cold rather than seared whole and the marmalades bitterness overwhelms it if you don't scrape a little off. I also recommend the lounge tasting menu, but if your friend does not eat shellfish, this my present a problem...or not depending on the evening.