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Aug 29, 2008 09:07 AM

Plan B Glastonbury recently?

We went to Plan B twice soon after it opened. Food was great both times, but the service was lacking. First time waitress was great, but kitchen was extremely slow. Second time kitchen timing was fine - but our waitress was horrible. Wanting to try again - really craving a pretzel burger and green fries (oh, and the apple pie pizza...)
Anyone been there lately? Any info as to how it's doing and whether things have gotten any better? And how horribly long will the wait be on a Friday around 6?

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  1. Just about the time you were posting this query, my wife and I were sitting down to lunch on their outside patio. This was the 2nd visit since they opened - first was in June and we didn't experience then the woes some posters have reported. Today's visit was great - pleasant surroundings (New London Turnpike is not too noisy or busy), speedy and accurate service, very good burger bar food: a small garden salad at $2.99 was a bargain; my bacon cheeseburger was juicy and tasty, as was my wife's 3 mini-cheeseburgers and fresh potato chips. If they were having teething problems just after opening - they now have things under control. Two nitpicks: the burgers are simply too big for my 59 year-old appetite and they really should have a list of the beers on draft rather the expect the server to go through the whole list. Don't know how busy they would be on a Friday around 6, but they were pretty much fill when we left around 1 this afternoon.