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Aug 29, 2008 08:53 AM

best lobster dinner in Montauk or Hamptons?

We'll be heading out to Montauk for the day on Sunday and I'd like a great lobster dinner (not lobster roll, but a full lobster) before heading back. I've ready so many mixed reviews for both Gosman's and Duryea's lobster docks....some say avoid Gosman's at all costs, some say its fine if you stick to the lobster...ditto for Duryea's. All I care about is a great lobster, preferably with some nice waterside views.

As we are actually overnighting in Riverhead (only place we could find for a one-night stay) we could really dine anywhere in the stretch from Montauk to Riverhead.

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  1. The thing is, lobster is what Gosmans and Duryeas do best, and you can't beat either of their views. I don't think you'll be that disappointed with either one. Gosmans is more formal and has a full bar, and Duryeas is totally casual, pick up your order at the counter, and BYOB.
    For the same gorgeous view but on the other side, try The Inlet, or Ricks Crabby Cowboy on East Lake Drive, they also have the freshest lobsters around. You'll be watching the boats bringing in the traps while you dine!
    I live in the Riverhead area but if I wanted really good lobster at a restaurant, I'd probably head to Montauk.

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      Thanks for the tips, we'll check these out, it may end up being based on whichever is less of a wait!

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        follow-up--we ended up at Duryea's and were pretty disappointed. First of all, it is no longer BYOB--we brought wine only to find a big sign saying that due to NYS laws they could no longer allow any drinking on premises. That was a real bummer. We almost left but we did have a nice table and it was almost sunset so we stayed. Found the lobster just okay, mine was a little underdone and full of water, hubby's a little better but not great. Clam chowder was watery with not much clam. For $75 for two lobsters and one clam chowder, and two sodas, it just didn't cut it.

        Sigh, at least we had a great lunch at The Hideaway. And the sunset was beautiful!

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          That's sad, I guess they're winding down for the season. I usually get the lobster roll which I like, but guess I won't be going there any more this year in that case.

          1. re: jinx

            couldnt agree with your duryeas summary. you exactly described the meal we had...