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Aug 29, 2008 08:42 AM

Looking for Aji Dulce or Ajicito peppers

I live in Lincoln Square and Ive been to my local fruit markets to find this pepper, but cant seem to get my hands on it. Would anyone know of somewhere on the northside that I can find this? Im trying to make my own sofrito, but the regular green bell peppers are to tart and would like the traditional pepper used for this.

I would probably be able to find this near or around Humboldt Park, however I dont drive. So any suggestions on the northside would be great.


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  1. On the northside, I have seen aji cachucha at Rogers Park Fruit Market (at Clark just south of Howard). But this is I think a consigned item (i.e. brought in by small local farmers or backyard gardeners) and the supply is erratic.

    If you are making sofrito, do you have oregano brujo? I saw beautiful bundles of them today at Hoa Nam (on Argyle). Not cheap ($8 a lb) but you don't need a lot-perhaps a couple of dollars worth. This is also I think a consigned item and is (I think) brought in for the weekend and is usually gone after the weekend is over. The variety of small lots of unusual vegetables and herbs brought into small ethnic groceries for consignment by small local gardeners is truly fascinating. I have written about the different cultivars of papaloquelite to be found in tiny groceries like Sol de Guerrero, or the marvellous Northern Thai lemon basil (bai maeng lak), or the callaloo (amaranth greens). One day, I'll do a post on this subject.

    1. Goodcooker -
      Have you tried Tony's Finer Food on Fullerton? The have aji dulce AND case you want to make your own sofrito.