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Aug 29, 2008 08:28 AM

Tri Valley Moderate priced Anniversary restaurant?

We're looking for a moderate priced (entrees around $15-20) restaurant for our 2nd anniversary. Want something in the tri valley area- San Ramon, Dublin, Pleasanton. A restaurant that we feel comfortable in - not too dressy, but a nice atmosphere. The food quality is the most important to us. We've enjoyed Izzy's, Patrick David's, Peasant & the Pear, A St Cafe (Hayward), but want something we haven't tried yet. Any favorite restaurants you could recommend?

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  1. How about Esin Restaurant & Bar in Danville (formerly Cafe Esin of San Ramon)? I tried them last December when they were at their San Ramon location and came away pleased.

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      Second that. I have not been to the new location but I can not imagine it being much different. Good value, nice people and save room for desert.

    2. Singapore Old Town Cafe on Dublin Blvd. Great food, fits your description.

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        Don't know if Lafayette is "tri-valley", but Gigi is quite good based on 2 visits there recently.

      2. The restaurants you say you've enjoyed are in a $10 higher range per entree than you've requested so this is like giving you apples instead of oranges, but, off the top of my head in Pleasanton $15-$20 entrees - Girasole, Strizzis, Baci, Fontina, La Vita, De La Torre Tratteria. All happen to be Italian. There are quite a few Asian and Mexican restaurants in your price range as well (such as Singapore Old Town), but I get the impression they are not what you're looking for . . . Sorry, I can't speak to San Ramon/Danville/Alamo - no longer on my flight path