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Aug 29, 2008 07:55 AM

Lounge/Low key food with non-alcoholic drinks

I'm looking for a lounge-ish type place with good food to go with a with a friend of mine that serves non-alcoholic drinks. She's a bit of a foodie, but she's also under 21, and feels a bit awkward when we're out after work for "drinks" and food when all she can order is juice or soda. So, any place with good app-type food and a non-alcoholic drinklist would be great. Any thoughts?

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  1. I was just down on Stone Street at the Smorgas Chef there and their extensive, interesting cocktail list said that all drinks can be ordered virgin, and for 50% off, too. Not sure how lounge-ish the other more midtown locations are but the atmosphere yesterday on Stone St was very convivial and fun - perfect as we near the end of summer (tear).
    What area(s) are you looking to be in?

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      Anywhere midtown and below, and the upper east side. Nothing against the UWS, but it's just rather inconvenient from where we're at. Thanks for the info!

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        You can try Perry St or the Tavern Room of Gramercy Tavern. They have quite a few non-alcholic drinks. The creative soda at Perry St. are quite delicious!

        Both serve very good food.

    2. You can get non alcholic drinks ANYWHERE, but how about a hookah bar or something like that.

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        The original poster specified non-alcoholic drinks *other* than juice and soda. In other words, GOOD non-alcoholic drinks. I'd like to find a place like this too, something *inexpensive* and not insanely loud on a Friday evening, with good food.

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          Yes, you can ask for any drink off of a drink menu without the alcohol. Try Room Service on 21st