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Aug 29, 2008 07:52 AM

Dining alone

Curious as to how many of you can dine alone in a nice restaurant without bringing a book?And to go on with that theme, how many of you enjoy dining alone?

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  1. Lunch is fine..dinner I cannot enjoy alone. For one thing when I see a diner alone I feel bad and it really distracts me so I feel that way about if I am dining alone.

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    1. re: phelana

      I'm the same way. I do not mind eating lunch alone because it's so common, but at dinnertime it is more lonely. The only time I'll typically eat alone for dinner is when I am traveling solo, and that is my least favorite aspect of solo traveling. I like to try new things and share food when I traveling.

      1. re: queencru

        I don't travel much for work, but DH does it frequently. He hates eating by himself when away, which is why he's so happy when I'm able to join him (which is pretty rare). He'll just generally eat at the bar when he's out by himself.

        1. re: Miss Needle

          I don't tend to eat at the bar because I'm a non-drinker and don't really feel comfortable with it for various reasons.

        2. re: queencru

          Totally agree with queencru and phelana. I am OK with lunch alone, but dinner is a whole different story. I feel very conspicuous and awkward and never enjoy eating dinner alone.

        3. re: phelana

          Having no chowish family or friends (THAT is what you might pity me for) I find myself on my own for lunch and dinner often.

          When I was young and stupid, I often took a book. Now, I enjoy my own company, and I enjoy a little enforced time to do nothing but think my own thoughts (so many temptations to avoid that, when the TV and such are so close, at home).

        4. Don't dine alone often, now. But years ago, I worked for a company where I did lots of traveling to Asia , Europe and Canada. Dined alone lots then- never brought a book, though.In some parts of Asia ( at that time), it was a bit odd for a woman to dine alone, but if I did not have to go an "entertainment" evening with clients oro co workers, I always wanted to escape by myself. In Japan, I would bring a business card with the name of the hotel- so I did n ot get lost!

          1. i don't mind dining alone, but i usually would have a book w/ me when i do. I will never understand why someone eating alone is something to feel sorry for, bad about, or uncomfortable with.

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            1. re: thew

              I agree- and i never realized that people thought that until I read about on these boards!

            2. I'm not a big fan of dining alone, but don't mind it terribly at lunch, particularly if I have the NYT food section <grin, wink>. For dinner, I would sit at the bar and have my dinner there just so I felt more connected to others. I suppose I just haven't done it enough to be comfortable w/ it.