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Aug 29, 2008 07:30 AM

East Arlington new coffee/tea???

I 've noticed a few new business in East Arlington along Mass. Ave: Tall Tree Guild (housewares/antiques???), Forest Gallery...and now, another storefront which doesn't yet look ready to open but has recently displayed what look like coffee/tea pots/brewers.

Does anyone know about this? I get heart palpitations thinking about the possibility of a coffee/tea shop there!!!

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  1. Hi there,

    169 Mass Ave, Arlington is the home of barismo, inc.

    The facility is currently set up for on-site roasting and training for our wholesale accounts. Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity or permit to provide food services. However, we plan to offer some retail products (roasted coffee beans and coffee brewing equipments), hosting tasting events and possibly some training courses in the very near future. We will have our open house this Saturday (September 6th) at 2pm, so please stop by for some free coffee/espresso and chat. More detail on our blog:


    - Ben

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      1. re: coffee_monkey

        It seems like a dream coming true - an artisanal roasting operation - and in Arlington - the Boston area REALLY needs this. The blog link above is awesome and creates huge expectations for greatness! So looking forward to checking this out!

        1. re: rlh

          Yes, there never really has been a good replacement for the Coffee Connection. After it was bought out by S*******s, I purchased my beans from Armeno, out in Northboro. Alas, its founders sold the operation a few years ago. The new owners have branched out into things like cigars (!); the coffee selection has become far less varied and interesting; and I have taken to roasting green beans (from, highly recommended) in order to get my happiest cup. A local roaster that caters to the afficienado (i.e. as opposed to sticking to more generic mass market products) would be most welcome. Perhaps coffee_monkey could say something more about his planned offerings?

        2. re: coffee_monkey

          Will grinders be sold as well? I've been looking to get one but would prefer to buy locally from a place that knows it's stuff. Looking forward to getting some beans, some coffee education and some brewing equipment!

          1. re: coffee_monkey


            I was recently in San Fran and while visiting Ritual Coffee Roasters the owner told me that either a "partner" or a "friend" of his was opening an establishment that sounds exactly as you discribed Barismo. As always, my mind was a bit cloudy before my morning buzz, but I think I also recall him saying it was called Barismo.

            Do you have any relation or ties to Ritual Coffee Roasters in SF?

            1. re: mjg0725


              We will have various manual coffee prep equipments, including a very affordable ceramic burr hand grinder.


              Our new crops (08) are just arriving in as we speak. Among the more special lots will be some of the best Guatemalan coffee (direct sourced), special prepped/sorted and vacuum packed for the first time from the country. We will also be getting a premium Kenyan, also specially prepped, sorted, and vacuum packed. We also have some Brasilian for espresso, as well as a honey processed ("miel") Costa Rican. And we will be buying more coffee (maybe some Ethiopian Yirgacheffe) as good lots became available.


              Yes, we are good friends w/ Ritual and the roaster/green purchaser, Ryan. In fact, Ryan went w/ our group to our Guatemala green sourcing trip, and is sharing some lots with us. We are buying partners from time to time.

              And to all, if you can, please stop by for the open house. Chris Van Schyndel, one of the best barista from Simon's coffee shop and High Rise, will be pulling espresso and Ben Kaminsky (another Ben) will be brewing coffee on "Abid" coffee drippers and maybe on vacpots. Please also keep an eye on the blog for more updates =)

              - Ben C.

              1. re: coffee_monkey

                Thanks, it was great to try some of the beans...fantastic stuff. I picked up a grinder and beans today and can't wait to try...and will be back for more beans when you're officially open for business. They smell amazing. I don't know how well I can come close to the sublime cup I tried from your Japanese butane-fueled brewer but I know it will be better than what I am used to. Looking forward to more!

                1. re: poptart

                  Agreed, it was great - nice folks in a nice place making the best coffee and expresso I know of in the area - looking forward to learning which cafes, restaurants, and stores will have the foresight and good taste to use and sell these beans!

                  I too now have the nifty Japanese hand ceramic burr grinder they sell and some freshly-roasted beans I am looking forward to trying at home in the morning to see if I can get something close to what came out of that Syphon brewing setup! I also eagerly await the arrival of their own vacuum-packed, carefully selected beans from Guatamala - sounds like it will be special.

                  Best wishes to Barismo for huge success!

                  1. re: rlh

                    Thanks all for stopping by and the kind words. I am sure you guys will really enjoy the coffee and the ceramic hand grinder (btw, they are dish-washer rack though). We plan to have another event soon to celebrate the arrival of our premium coffee. Please check the blog ( for updates.

                    ps. I am the guy who was manning the vacpot setup (not the Ben that has curly hair). Please introduce yourself to me at our next event if you guys can make it. Love to connect faces to names =)