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Aug 29, 2008 07:03 AM

Korean BBQ with Charcoal?

It seems that most of the Korean BBQ restaurants in the area use gas grills to cook the meat. Does anyone know if there are any Korean BBQ restaurants in the area that use charcoal instead? I haven't had charcoal cooked Korean food since I lived in Philadelphia a few years ago, and I really miss the extra flavor the charcoal provides.

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  1. Which area are you referring to?

    If Baltimore, Joung Kak on 18 W. 20th is my favorite spot.

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      Preferably in NOVA, DC, or MontCo.

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        Don't quote me on this but I think Chong Dae Gam Karbi does the char coal. I've been there about 5 to 10 times this past year but it has always been with kids so I've ask them to bring the meat out cooked. However, I do remember seein a big pile of charcoal near the back. 7215 Columbia Pike, Annandale, VA, 703-894-0431. The grilled meats are real good at this place. Banchan and other korean dishes (soups stews) are average. I think it serves the best beef around right now as far as korean resturants go.