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Aug 29, 2008 07:01 AM

Private dining room for ~20 in Pittsburgh

Looking for some brainstorming from my fellow Pgh-hounders. I am looking for a private dining room that can seat roughly 20-24 people for a sit down dinner wedding reception on a Saturday. I know of Mio and the Big Burrito options, but I'm wondering if anyone has other ideas. In terms of cuisine, I would prefer something American/Italian/Mediterranean. Indian/Mexican/Asian are unfortunately not options for this crowd. I won't say that price is not an option, but something in the range of Mio/Eleven is about as high as I'd want to go. I'd also like to stick to a 30 minute drive from the city if possible. Thanks!

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  1. <<something in the range of Mio/Eleven is about as high as I'd want to go>>
    Does Pittsburgh get higher? ;)

    Seriously, if your budget allows for either of these places, you won't do any better.

    Hyeholde and Lidia's are two other options for your consideration, though.

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    1. re: hassenpfeffer

      Haha, you're right. Unfortunately Mio can only seat 16 comfortably, 18 if you squeeze, and that would involve some aggressive guest list trimming. I have heard mixed reviews about Eleven, has anyone been there lately?

      Thanks for the other suggestions too.

    2. Since it's a wedding, the setting of Hyholde might be interesting (in addition to its food). Maybe not so much in winter, though. And depends upon personal preferences, of course. Mio is at the high price end already, isn't it? Hyeholde really isn't higher priced than those places I don't think.

      Sonoma Grille has a private room, might be an option. Says up to 36, so around the right size really.

      There's a room upstairs at Six Penn, might be too big.

      Styles vary widely here, just throwing out a couple options I know of and have been to.

      1. Another option would be to call Larry at Enrico's Biscotti to rent his space in the Strip. He'll cook up something interesting. The space accommodates 40 for private parties and you'd be assured of being the only ones there.