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Aug 29, 2008 06:42 AM

Good Pho in King West Village Area (aka Parkdale)

We'll be moving soon to King West Village next month and going to Pho Hung will be a further trek from our current/soon to be ex home at Queen and University. Anyone now of good/decent Pho in the Village that is not over priced and not sheshe foofoo/fancied up... preferably a family style real Viet food and not Chinese owned (nothing against Chinese as I am one myself - but then tend to not make other asian food very well).

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  1. The Star mentioned 2 places not too long ago in the Ossington/Queen area...Golden Turtle (Rua Vang) and some other place just down the street.

    1. Hi, I live around there, I go to Pho Asia 21 (Northside of King at Dufferin) and a small place on queen, I don't know the name, but it is a few doors west of the Rhino on the south side, both are good, no need to travel to Pho Hung...

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        I haven't been to the place on Queen (although I've walked by many times), but I'll second the recommendation for Pho Asia 21. Their pho was one of the first things I ate when recovering from a bad flu early last year, and I think it helped me recover more than any medicine ever could. ;)

        1. re: gregclow

          Also recommend Pho Asia 21... this pho is way better than Pho Hung.

          1. re: jayseeca

            There are two Pho places on Queen in that block.
            The one closest to the Rino, just a few doors down has very good Pho, but forget the rest of the menu

            1. re: erly

              ...hmm, I'm not sure which one I've been to, i think it was the closest since I don't recall passing another...come to think of it the spring roll wasn't great, pho was good though...

            2. re: jayseeca

              +1 to the pho asia 21 recommendation