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Aug 29, 2008 06:36 AM

Kingston, ON - Lunch?

Can anyone suggest a good place for lunch in Kingston? There seemed to be nothing but tons of big box restaurants the last time we went through. Is there anything tasty and locally based?

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  1. you're not checking out the downtown area then. there are tonnes of small local joints down there. the big boxes are only along the highway strip.

    wok-in is a great place. they're kind of like thai and malay (though to be honest i never figured it out) and feature great spicy dishes, none of which i would consider chinese given the name of the place.

    Wok-In Chinese Fast Food
    30 Montreal Street, Kingston - (613) 549-5369

    i'm blanking out on the pizza place name but they also usually never disappoint. you should be able to search chowhound for this.

    if it's a nice day and you're up for picnicking, i'd suggest dropping by panchancho and getting their dragon noodles or a loaf of bread and whatever else looks good in the case that day and hang out by the waterfront. they have a cafe/restaurant in the back but i find it overpriced and underwhelming.

    1. I went to the Rosemount Inn the other day for lunch it was amazing(it was a 100 mile menu), you have to book the private dinning room and pay for the lunch menu, which is usally a small lunch tasting menu. The chef there does local produce, he is like 20 something and has worked for Michael Potters of harvest restaurant and Claudio Aprile of Colborne Lane. Its kinda of a hidden place not alot of people know...excellent place

      Rosemount Inn
      46 Sydenham St, Kingston, ON K7L, CA

      1. If you're downtown, here is a site I've found that is helpful in finding the small places: . Unfortunately it doesn't seem to have much in other parts of the city.

        If you're into trying something new, one of my favourites is a tiny little Korean place (Mr. Dumpling) near the corner of Princess and Division.

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          IMO Le Chien Noir is tops, Brock street.

        2. Luke's is open for lunch, and has a passionate focus on local food.

          1. Wooden heads on Ontario Street.. I believe. Awesome stone baked pizza... Yum. And get some ice cream down along the water.. .very very good.