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Aug 29, 2008 04:51 AM

Jake's Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham

A couple of coworkers and I stopped by Jake's Dixie Roadhouse in Waltham on Moody Street yesterday for lunch while in Waltham for training. Overall I wasn't too impressed, but I'm open to hoping it was an off-day.

It seemed like we were bothering the staff by being there at all. Our waiter got everything right, but had the personality of a stone.

The sandwiches come with baked beans & cole slaw. They charge you $2.00 for *any* substitutions on the sides, of which I swapped cole slaw for mashed potatos. When the food got there, it was insulting to look at what you just paid $2.00 for. The sides came in souffle cups about the same size as you see nurses handing pills out in nursing homes. $2.00 for that? Excuse me while I throw back my baked bean & mashed potato shot.

The beans were ok, nothing to right home about. The mashed potatos a little dry yet flavorful.

My pulled pork was ho-hum. It was kind of dry and without any substantial flavor itself. I got the hot sauce on the side when offered house, sweet, or hot because I didn't notice the squeeze bottle of hot on the table. I kind of wish I got either of the other two as the hot sauce was literally just that, hot with no flavor. One of my coworkers who grows his own peppers and makes some of his own stuff also got the hot sauce and agreed it neeeded more flavor. Had I gotten the house or sweet sauce I'd of mixed them for some more flavor in the sandwich.

Our other coworker got the burnt end sandwich and said it was just ok, but had enough fatty peices in it to make him say he'd try something else the next time.

Ok so did we hit a good place on an off day, should you never go there for Lunch on Thu/Fri when they open at 11:30, or is it just not that great all the time? I was kind of hoping for better and would try it again if you folks tell me it is worth it.

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  1. It's not worth it. :( I think you're better off with Sadie's or the roast beef hut next to the train tracks.

    There are a few places on Moody that are pretty tired, chow-wise, and should be put out of their misery. Jake's has always been high on that list, along with Watch City Brewery.

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      You almost got your wish with Watch City. It was pretty close to be taken over by Boston Beer Works, but last I heard, the deal fell through. So be careful what you wish for.....;-)

      1. re: Bob Dobalina

        watch city is history - thank god. i'd rather drink coors light than half of their beers. boston beer works is taking over - which will be much better, but not in cambrige brewing great.

        1. re: BoDubya

          When did you hear your news last? As of two weeks ago the deal was off according to bar staff and brewer. Back on again?

          I'm torn whether BBW is an improvement or not. I will miss some of the beers like Titan and a couple of specialties, but the IPA as of late - I would rather have BBW's - which is pretty mediocre itself. Food will go from hit or miss to always mediocre, with more fried options. As long as they replace the bar stools that cut off circulation to your legs after 15 minutes and turn on an air conditioner in the summer months, my view may be tilted in favor of BBW. This is where my wife and I met, so it will be sad for us to see it turn into something else.

      2. My one time going there was even more disappointing than yours (although the comment about the service was pretty spot on), bleh.

        1. place is an insult to anyone who ate at the original jake and earls in cambridge. its a shame, they had great pulled pork, back in the day.

          1. Agreed -- not a fan of Jake's Dixie. I found Bison County up the street did a notably better job with BBQ last time I went.

            1. Echoing everything else that has been said here. Had atrocious service on a Saturday evening. Our waiter brought incorrect orders and barely checked in with us. Had equally atrocious food. $20 for tough, tasteless ribs with pre-determined sides. I have a post on Yelp that explains that a decent night of BBQ in the area starts with a beer run to Gordon's in Waltham, then drive the 2 miles or so into West Newton to get Blue Ribbon takeout so you can enjoy good food in the comfort of your own home rather than drop a dime at the horrible Jake's.