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Aug 29, 2008 12:25 AM

Why is the Princess Cake Green?

I'm wondering if anyone has any insight on the Princess cake, a cake which seems to hail from Sweden and which is made of layers of sponge cake, fruit preserves, buttercream and often shaped in a dome, topped with green marzipan. Does anyone know its history? And why is it always green?

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      That is wonderful!! Thank you for pointing out that link to me--it's amazingly helpful!

      1. re: cakespy

        Hopefully someone can address the green marzipan orthodoxy. I will mention that I've seen pink and natural colored marzipan on princess cakes, but mostly green.

        1. re: Melanie Wong

          Green is simply traditional. If it isn't green (or, rarely, pink) it's not princess cake. Now, what is far more important is that the cake part of princess cake is a European sponge, nothing like the American yellow cake, nor like its pound cake, but rather a light and moist cake tasting authentically of eggs and other good ingredients. The whipped cream between the layers must be real whipped cream, flavored with the best vanilla essence, and the filling must be first quality fresh or top quality raspberries or strawberries. I have so rarely been served American cakes that were made entirely from "scratch" that I find it hard to compare this one.

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            You need more friends who are Chowhounds and bakers! I have only ever used a cake mix once or twice in 40 years of baking.

    2. I saw it in pink before I ever saw it in green. I've also seen them i purple, and yellow, also red at Christmas-time. I think the person who developed the cake chose green and it's farly traditional, but not at all required. I'm not sure why green in considered to be the "traditional color" - perhaps it was the favorite color of the princess the cake was developed for.

      1. I don´t think there is a history behind the green colour, but there is a fairly easy explanation. Traditionally the cake is decorated with a pink marzipan rose, and the green colour is a nice contrast to the pink colour. The white icing sugar on top perfects the artwork.
        By the way, my all-time favorite cake!

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          I think the same thing that the green goes well with the pink rose, and the white icing sugar on top. but its made in many diffrent color and with diffrent flavors, I ate a light blue once with pear-flavor it was really good. If i remember right there is one that have white marzipan and it normally have some kind of chocolate mousse filling.