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Aug 28, 2008 10:16 PM

Newport Beach business dinner.

Hey all-I'm looking for suggestions for a four person business dinner in Newport beach. I don't know the area, so any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


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  1. Any requests - seafood, fish, ocean view, Italian, hip, conservative, etc and what kind of budget?

    1. Sage - but check it out first, seem to recall that the lighting was on the dark side.

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      1. re: wbjake

        Sage on the Coast PCH in Crystal Cove Promenade or Sage Eastbluff in the residential area?

        If at Crystal Cove Promenade on PCH (near Newport Coast), I would also recommend Modo Mio Cucina Rustica.

        Modo Mio Restaurant Cucina
        East Coast Hwy Newport Coast CA, East Coast Hwy Newport Coast, CA

      2. what kind of budget are you thinking? what is your motive for this dinner, to bribe their business on your expense account, or to actually have a place to talk/discuss business? i'm sure we'll have plenty of suggestions for either :)

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        1. re: kingkong5

          The budget is fairly generous, but not too over the top (it's not an "expense account" in the bottomless-pit-of-money sense of the word)-and yes, business will actually be discussed over said dinner :)

          If the dinner were being held in LA, some choices might be Luques, Spago or AOC, but probably not Cut or Providence, if that helps any. Table room is not an issue, nor is lighting, sound level can be moderate but being able to hear the person next to you speak is a must.

        2. Fashion Island area high rise has several nice choices:


          Palm Terrace inside the Island Hotel

          There's more to mention in that area, including some in Corona del Mar.

          Newport Beach/Irvine High rise business district on east side (near freeways/airport) has a few nice choices:

          6ix Park Grill (in Hyatt Regency Hotel, Irvine
          )17900 Jamboree Rd., Irvine, CA, 92614
          (949) 225-6666

          There's more in that area, but you gave us no parameters except "business" dinner.
          Do you need table room? Lighting? Budget? Service habits?

          1. I liked Oysters at PCH/MacArthur.