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Aug 28, 2008 09:21 PM

Where's to chow down in Windsor?

We'll be in Windsor for two days? Any must chow places in or near town? Or, must all the good eating be done on the Detroit side?

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  1. The one time I ate in Windsor it was at some place that I THINK was called Ye olde steak house on Chatham, behind the hilton. Nothing special, but good prices. Wouldn't go out of my way, but if your in the neighbourhood....

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      Closed. Bought out to make way for Chrysler Building. :(

    2. If you're in the mood for dim sum, you can check out Jade. They'll have push cart service on the weekends and gets busy. Better than any (or most) places in Chinatown in TO.

      1. Wyandotte Street has some great middle eastern places. Last time I was in town we asked around and were told that Windsor Palace Restaurant was the best of them - and it was fantastic. It's an Iraqi place, and we really enjoyed the food. We had some crazy family platter (we called it "The Festival of Meat") that included some kebabs, some shawarma type beef and chicken, some stuffed grape leaves and onions, and a fried chicken cutlet, all topped off with grilled tomatoes. We also ordered the fatoush salad and the babaganoush, not realizing that The Festival of Meat came with lentil soup and a plate of pickled cabbage and peppers. Two of us ate ourselves senseless and took home enough for three additional meals - all for the princely sum of $35.

        We also dropped into a little Latin American place on Wyandotte. They had nice pupusas, but it certainly wasn't a must-try place. We also had dinner in Windsor's version of Little Italy - I think maybe the restaurant was called Porcini? Lovely pasta but wretched seemed like somebody was having a meltdown in the kitchen...there was some yelling going on - it took well over an hour to get some pasta.

        1. When I was at University in Windsor, there were a number of good Chinese restaurants around the university, they were always packed in the evening with local families. I guess I am getting old, but I cannot remember their names.

          1. I realize you may have made the trip already, but if you return:
            - Smoke n' Spice - authentic southern BBQ
            - Chanoso's - fresh stirfry with a twist
            - Paradise Mediterranean Buffet
            - countless yummy Indian & Lebanese shops