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Aug 28, 2008 08:42 PM

Something up at Toro?

I was going to have dinner at the out door seating at Toro tonight but I was shocked at how filthy it is. I checked out Legal Test Kitchen instead. That whole block of Washington St had a lot of litter but it was worse at Toro. There was trash under the chairs and tables and I went by again around 11 and is just as bad. I was very surprised to see people eating with so much litter at their feet.

Has there been a change of ownership or has the place just gone downhill?

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  1. Not that it's an excuse, but that part of town can get really really grody sometimes. There's tons of trash everywhere. Was it a particularly breezy evening? Regardless, they should be on top of that, but it can be kind of an uphill battle around that area.

    1. Last night happened to be trash night on that stretch of Washington St. and it being moving season it was probably particularly trashy. I just walked by and the trash was still out on the curb but the patio at Toro was packed with people.

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        What shocked me was that dinners were eating above trash and servers were standing above and on trash. It was filthy first thing this morning but it has been cleaned up since then. I'm talking about the seating area encolsed by chain.

      2. The South End has a bad trash problem anyway, but you point out a big problem with a lot of Boston patios: they're located smack on the sidewalk of busy streets. I'm not real fond of a lot of Washington St, Tremont St, and Columbus Ave patios for this reason, and it's one reason the more set-back or sheltered patios (Pops, B&G, Rocca, Hamersley's, Picco), and the ones on quieter streets (Orinoco, Estragon) are a bit more pleasant. (Too bad the Red Fez sucks so bad these days; that's a nice patio, too.)

          1. re: eatenenough

            I like it a lot too, I just don't sit outside there.

          2. I'm guessing that that's a health violation. Youd think they'd send someone out to pick it up before service.