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Aug 28, 2008 07:46 PM

Best "Seasoned" Prime Rib in Chicagoland

Hello! I am looking for the best well seasoned prime rib in chicago. Prime rib is my absolute favorite cut and I have traveleld the midwest and had some good beef, but for some reason, after settling down in Chicago, I have notice the steaks and prime rib just do not seem to be seasoned well here. Is there some avoidance to salt and pepper? What about the added touches of mixed seasonings? I am not talking about anything extreme, just enough of seasoning to make the meat not taste so much like, well, cooked meat. Any suggestions?!

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  1. Upscale, try Chicago Chop House. Middle market, try Miller's.

    1. Lawrey's downtown...the whole experience is wonderful

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        Second Lawry's. Prime rib is their THING.