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Aug 28, 2008 07:44 PM

Cooking with Gin

Looking at my forlorn bottle of vodka bought solely for penne w/vodka sauce, and then thinking about how much I prefer gin, I had a flash tonight.... what can I cook with gin? I've thought of gamey, scandinavian dishes, but I'm hoping there are other things out there. So how about it?

Do you have any good recipes that use gin?

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  1. I use gin in soy-based sauce, ginger, gin! Mostly chicken, but beef, too....

    1. Sunset did an article about using cocktail flavored marinades a while back though I can't seem to find it.

      1. I have used it for refrigerator pickles - very nice flavor!

        1. Anything that calls for juniper berries: I don't keep them around the house but always have a bottle of gin. I cook with it more than I drink it!

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            I have not found gin to be an adequate substitute for juniper berries

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              I've never actually used juniper berries so I wouldn't know!

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                I was making a choucroute garnie, and I couldn't find juniper berries in my walkable markets, so I poured in some gin. It worked for me ... maybe not exactly using the juniper berries, but it was good in its own right.

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                  Maybe if you drink enough gin it doesn't matter anymore :)

              2. Sear sea scallops until almost done. Add a good chunk of butter, garlic shallot, salt/pepper to the pan. Deglaze with a few oz of gin. Add a touch of heavy cream to add body. Finish with chopped parsley. Serve over rice. The gin showcases the scallops' sweetness like you wouldn't believe.

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                  Also other creamy-seafood sauces. Like clam sauce for linguine, or any seafood sauce for that matter as a sub for white wine.