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Where can I buy bacon?

I am looking to buy bacon that has minimal fat (a little fat is fine, but not like Oscar Meyer or other widely available bacon), but also not sliced too thick. Last I looked at Garden of Eden, they only have thick-cut bacon. I will be at the Union Square Farmer's Market on Saturday. Do they have bacon at the Farmer's Market or is there somewhere else, hopefully nearby, that I can get it? (It's to make Devils on Horseback--Dates stuffed with almonds,wrapped in bacon--if that helps you understand what I'm looking for.) I'll also be on the upper west side, so that's fine too. Thanks!

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  1. There will definitely be places to purchase bacon at the Union Square Greenmarket, but I don't know how lean they can give you. They also make bacon in house at Whole Foods, so you might consider hopping across the street.


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      They do have the guys from Vermont selling nitrate free bacon at Union Square. Also any decent neighborhood butcher will have bacon as well.

    2. ive also seen people selling bacon at union square, havent bought it but im sure its good :)

      1. Why don't you just buy Irish Bacon or bacon made from back meat instead of belly?

        1. Imho, the best bacon anywhere is at the Union Square Greenmarket at High Hope Hogs/Oak Grove Plantation... the bit green and white tent that is now down close to 14th and Union Square West. It comes from organically raised hogs and is smoked but not cured, which means nitrate-free. It is not thick-sliced. Everyone I know who's tried it, loves it.

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            I love the High Hopes farms bacon. I also think it is the best in the market. I like it better than Flying Pigs and i believe it is cheaper at High Hopes too.

            While, I think that all of the pork products at Flying Pigs are very very good, i think their prices are astronomical. The eggs are incredible and reasonable at FP though .

          2. Tamarack Hollow has the "I love bacon" and "bacon hypnosis" signs out by their stand...and they have some of the best bacon I have ever had!...and I really love bacon!!

            They say its smoked and salt cured for about a month in barrels...all in small batches....its cut not too thick -- and great in sandwiches. They also sell blocks of bacon - which of course I bot-- and had it in beans, steakhouse style and in sandwiches for several weeks!

            Loved talking to Farmer Mike and the others. Nicest guys at the market! They are in union square on Weds and Friday. on Sat. in Sunnyside ...Tribeca on Weds...and the Columbus avenue market on Sundays.

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              Have you tried Flying Pigs bacon from the Union Square Greenmarket? Also very good.

              My all time favorites might be Burgers and Benton's though. But they're not local.

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                Flying pigs is great. They also on occasion have "shoulder bacon" which is pork shoulder that is cured and smoked like bacon. Sort of tastes like a combo between bacon and ham. Definitely much leaner than belly bacon but has more of a chew and doesn't crisp up in the same manner..

            2. I wish I knew where to get truly thick cut bacon in NY.

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                Go to Schaller & Weber and ask them to cut it however you want - or alternatively, buy a slab of bacon and cut it yourself however thick you want it.

                Schaller & Weber
                1654 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

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                  I had been meaning to try Schaller & Weber, so thanks for that reminder.

                  Dickston's Farmstand and some of the others (Stinky Brooklyn's comes to mind) have some beautiful looking cuts, but they're pretty steep to experiment with, and I never really know how it will cook up.

                  Schaller & Weber
                  1654 2nd Ave, New York, NY 10028

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                  If you do FreshDirect, their Berkshire thick-cut bacon is so, so good.

                3. I'd order on line from Benton's. See below. Or buy Niman's or D'Artagagnan or Nueske's.



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                    There is no need to order or spend a bloody fortune on Flying Pigs either. Schaller and Weber, as well as the Hungarian market on 2nd Ave & 80th St., both have superb bacon, and several varieties. Schaller will cut to order any thickness you want.

                    You can also go to any number of excellent shops in Greenpoint and do the same thing.

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                      I do love the Flying Pigs bacon, but yeah, cheap it isn't. Dickson's Farmstand in Chelsea Market will slice to the thickness of your choice as well.

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                        The Hungarian Meat Market is actually on 2nd Ave @81st...great stuff - have you ever tried their deep-fried bacon, out of this world!