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Black Rock Cafe Wrentham, MA

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Has anyone ever eaten at this new restaurant? From the sign, it looks like they're just serving breakfast and lunch. This used to be the site of James Roadside Cafe, which I miss terribly.

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  1. Went there for my first time since it was James Roadside, for breakfast this morning. Walked in and smelled burnt toast, so first impression wasn't very positive, however the food turned out to be quite good. Since corned beef hash headlines the breakfast menu page, I had that, comes with hash browns and 3 eggs on top, very filling and tasty. Brough home their Belgian waffles for the wife, and she says they're ok, better than average, but also said the strawberries smelled a bit mildewy. They changed the decor but the layout is still the same. I'll have to go back for some of their lunch sandwiches, or better yet dinner - as soon as they get their liquor license, which is still in the (long, slow) process of being transfered.

    1. Went to Luciano's last night and had the Veal Chop. It was dry ,ok taste and 41.00 The veal chop at the Black Rock is 100 times better it melts in your mouth and the taste really good for 20.00. If you want a nice night out with great food at resonable prices and the food is better than five star restuarnts then go to the Black Rock Cafe it is the best kept secret of Wrentham..

      Black Rock Cafe
      Wrentham, MA, Wrentham, MA