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Aug 28, 2008 05:46 PM

Soft-serve ice cream on BC ferry

I know that the soft-serve ice cream on the ferry is made by Island Farms Dairy. Is there any difference between this ice cream compared to the one at Beacon Drive-in? I'll be going up to Van/Vic from So. Calif. this weekend and I can't wait to taste the soft-serve again. Thanks!

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  1. We just enjoyed Beacon Drive-In's ice cream recently--twice in a weekend! My older son LOVED adding the flavour swirl, whereas the younger one stuck with plain (yummy!).

    I didn't know about the ferry ice cream, and I'm not exactly sure about Beacon's, but I do recall reading somewhere that the drive-in's mix is supplied by Island Farms and has whipping cream in it? (Which, if true, makes sense when I think about how absolutely creamy it is!)

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      Although the ferry "peam" as we used to call it when we were kids is tasty, it isn't a patch on Beacon IMO, which is far creamier as homebaker notes. And the ferry stuff's also much more expensive...

      1. re: grayelf

        This gives me a reason to try Beacon next time. Last time I drove by but didn't stop just to make it to the ferry on time.

        No wonder people were piling up ice cream in such a small cup on the ferry.

    2. I'm pretty sure they both use the exact same base mix, provided by Island Farms. The reason they're both so good is because unlike most soft serve ice creams in North America, they use real cream.

      While Beacon Drive-In instills a more iconic sentiment in me, I think that the ferry's ice cream is just as good. I also think that the ice cream is the only edible food on the ferry. But I am a sucker for the candied apples at the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in Tsawassen.