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Aug 28, 2008 05:39 PM

Places to eat in Sicily

I am heading to Sicily in November and spending 8 days traveling around the island. 3 nights in Palermo and the the usual coastal cities for the other nights. This is a trip all about the food. Can anyone suggest some of the most memorable meals they have had in Sicily? They don't have to be fancy or expensive. The more authentic and delicious the better,

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  1. In Agrigento area, in Menfi, very close to Porto Palo, IL VIGNETO.
    In Catania, in its center, AL GABBIANO, only seafood, and AMBASCIATA DEL MARE, in Piazza Duomo, very good and not expensive.
    In Nicolosi, at the feet of Etna, ANTICO ORTO DEI LIMONI.
    In Messina, AL PADRINO, the patron, Mr. Pietro, is very nice and vey clever.
    In Milazzo, even always crowded, DOPPIO GUSTO, excellent seafood.
    In Naso, really excellent, LA PERLA.
    In Castelbuono NANGALARRUNI, especially cheese and wine.
    In Mondello, famous and chic BYE BYE BLUES.
    In Monreale, close to the magical Piazza del Duomo, TAVERNA DEL PAVONE, a must !
    In Palermo, a must, OSTERIA DEI VESPRI and, close to Kàassaro, a very genuine area of the town, MI MANDA PICONE, with excellent offering of wines.
    Then, still in Palermo, a must: ANTICA FOCACCERIA SAN FRANCESCO, do not miss it !
    A bit far from the sea, in Ragusa area, in Chiaramonte Gulfi, MAJORE: pork, not fish.
    In Palazzolo Acreide, DA ANDREA. I bet my money it will become famous very soon.
    In the magical Ibla, the upper and most ancient part of Ragusa, could you miss DUOMO and his star, the chef Ciccio Sultano ?! No, you can't.
    Still in Ibla, DA CANDIDA.
    In Marinella di Selinunte, the famous LIDO RISTORANTE LA PINETA, but check it is still open in November.
    In Marsala, GARIBALDI: very good its first courses.
    Have a lovely trip in one of the best areas of Italy !!!

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      What a fantastic list! I'm leaving for Sicily on Tuesday and I've already printed this out to take with me. Thank you!

      1. re: Nyleve

        you're welcome and enjoy Sicily !!!

    2. la brace in cefalu
      le tre salette in trapani
      il cuciniere del katane palace in catania
      don camillo in siracusa

      and i suggest skipping dessert at restaurants and going to pastry shops after lunch and dinner where the focus is on sweets and sweets only

      1. almost forgot: leon d'oro in agrigento

        1. In Palermo Osteria dei Vespri is great as mentioned earlier, Kursa Kalhesa is a fine spot as well - you will first enter a library with a bar, mount the stairs for the restaurant. And in general, the extremely simple looking places which are more like someones house often have excellent typical dishes and freshly grilled fish!

          1. Have you tried any of the suggested spots listed below? If so, i'd love to know your favorites...