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Best lobster roll between Kittery and Ogunquit?

mallomarmom Aug 28, 2008 05:39 PM

Looking to stop for a quick bite -- a lobster roll -- on our way up the Maine coast. Please tell me where to stop between Kittery and Ogunquit. Thanks!

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    fsp Aug 29, 2008 10:38 AM

    Easily the best is at the York Beach Fish Market, 15 Railroad Ave, in the 'short sands' section of York. Also TERRIFIC fish chowder and lobster bisque. This is a small place seling, yes, fish, and with maybe 10-12 seats. Order at the counter and wait a coupld of minutes to be called. I am a native of this part of the world and have tried them all. This is the BEST.

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    1. re: fsp
      Eatin in Woostah Aug 30, 2008 06:33 AM

      Oh wow, I came into this thread to recommend the same place!

      1. re: Eatin in Woostah
        mallomarmom Sep 3, 2008 10:52 AM

        Sorry I missed these posts before we left! I'll be back up there next month and will definitely give it a try. Thanks for the tip.

      2. re: fsp
        RibKing Sep 4, 2008 06:51 AM

        You cant overlook the Lobster Pound on Webhannett Drive on Wells Beach, this is the freshest lobster Roll you will ever get!, Wells Beach Lobster Pound check it out!, they can even cook and crack a few lobsters for you and you can sit on the beach and eat!

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        mallomarmom Oct 14, 2008 11:58 AM

        Update: We were in Maine once again this weekend and stopped at the York Beach Fish Market to try their lobster roll. I was thrilled when I saw my Chowhound posting on the window and introduced myself to the owner as the author. Have to say she couldn't have been less thrilled, but she did manage a smile.
        Anyway, getting to the food: This was a lobster SALAD, heavily greased with mayo. Very tasty, but not what I expected. I had a better experience at Rose Cove Cafe in Ogunquit. Still had mayo, which I prefer to avoid, but ever so lightly coated, so that it wasn't the overpowering flavor. The lobster was fresh, portion huge -- maybe equal to 1-1/2 of the typical lobster rolls -- placed on a homemade bun. And, the friendliness, hospitality, and warm welcome made it all a much more pleasant and enjoyable experience. They were also offering free samples of fudge... and their homemade ice cream is fabulous, too!

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        1. re: mallomarmom
          emilief Oct 14, 2008 12:47 PM

          Had lobster rolls at Rose Cove twice this summer and have to say I really do not understand the hype. First, they are on a hamburger bun. And, the lobster filling is nothing special. Also, IIRC were very expensive- much more than other places. Now I will have to try York Beach Fish House.

          1. re: emilief
            mallomarmom Oct 14, 2008 01:02 PM

            I don't disagree with you, honestly. I still find the lobster rolls in Kittery at the shack (name escaping me) much better -- and no mayo! Also, the Clam Shack in Kennebunkport. I'm still in search of the best. Let me know what you think about the York Beach Fish House.

            1. re: mallomarmom
              BostonZest Oct 14, 2008 02:04 PM

              Do you mean Bob's clam shack. Love those!

              1. re: BostonZest
                mallomarmom Oct 14, 2008 02:22 PM

                Yes! Bob's! Thank you. Great lobster rolls, for sure. Someday I'll have to drive up to Red's and see if they are as good as their reputation.

          2. re: mallomarmom
            Eatin in Woostah Oct 21, 2008 07:30 PM

            Hmmm...well I will admit to being a big fan of mayo. :)

            1. re: mallomarmom
              cupcake mari Nov 9, 2008 08:29 PM

              The york beach fish market actually has another lobster roll sans mayo, they use butter instead. I like that version. And you really can't beat there combo (Lobster roll, chips and a can of soda) price... there awesome. There chowders are also amazing. I love this place.

            2. f
              FriedClamFanatic Oct 14, 2008 02:11 PM

              Not sure about lobster rolls, but BOB's on Route 1 near the Kittery outlets has great fried clams. And Captain Simeons on the back road out of Kittery has great seafood all around. The plus is a great view. Chauncey's Creek (BYOB) has both great lobster and great rolls.....and sits down on the water. Might be a little chilly this time of year if they are still open.

              Having said that, and having had a house at York's Short Sands, the Lobster at the Fish Market is hard to beat!

              1. e
                ErmineLair Oct 20, 2008 06:33 PM

                We've had lobster rolls at Bob's Clam Hut in Kittery, York Beach Fish Market and Long Sands General Store in York Beach, all very good. However our favorite is the Shore Road Market at the intersection of Route 1A and Shore Rd, it's a small red building. It's served on a lightly buttered and grilled New England style hot dog roll with a generous amount plain chunky lobster, butter or mayo served on the side for dipping and only $8.99 Outstanding!

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                1. re: ErmineLair
                  emilief Oct 21, 2008 08:29 AM

                  Shore Rd. in Ogunquit?? Where??

                  1. re: emilief
                    HIW Oct 21, 2008 10:28 AM

                    It's in York, at the intersection of Shore and Cape Neddick Roads, just north of Short Sands. They donate a portion of the proceeds from their lobster rolls to York High School's Project Graduation and York's Drug Abuse Resistance Education (D.A.R.E.) program. But hurry, they close from Nov-Mar!

                    1. re: HIW
                      mallomarmom Oct 22, 2008 07:58 PM

                      Thanks! Will definitely try the Shore Road Market next time we're up in the area.

                      1. re: mallomarmom
                        martyl9 Oct 23, 2008 09:16 PM

                        wow, to think i have been driving by that local market for all these years visiting York and the only thing I have ever purchased there were drinks for my bike rides. will have to try next summer during our annual visit the lobster roll!!!!

                        1. re: martyl9
                          Addisonchef Oct 24, 2008 05:35 AM

                          Ok, I'm going to go out on a limb and suggest going just a bit further up Route 1 and go to Mike's Clam Shack in Wells. I don't normally eat lobster rolls, but my sweetie does, and they are huge and well filled with tons of lobster. They look so good, even I want one! He's very picky, and although they're on the pricey side (actually, really pricey IMO!), he thinks they're well worth it! :-)

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