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Aug 28, 2008 05:38 PM

Restaurant Bar Options


My boyfriend and I are coming to Boston for the long weekend from NYC. We typically like to go appetizer hopping, meaning going to a few different restaurants, and ordering a few plates at the restaurant's bar. We are looking for some places in Boston where that would be an option. Money isn't a concern but good food, good atmosphere and a good wine list are. It would help to know of places that serve later as we are going to the Sox/Sox game on Friday.

On Saturday I must watch the Michigan State game at 8pm and while I know there are plenty of sports bar/pubs in Boston, how about suggestions for some that serve good food??

And one final request, we would like to eat somewhere waterside on the North Shore on Sunday for dinner. Any recs for a nice place - somewhere where I would feel comfortable wearing a nice dress...

Thanks so much for your help!!

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  1. Not sure where you're staying, which will probably affect recommendations. Also, a lot of upscale restaurants in Boston have great bar seating, I urge you to search through the Boston threads, you'll find a lot of good recommendations there.

    Couple places that are great for apps and drinks - including wine:

    1. Eastern Standard Kitchen, right at 528 Commonwealth Ave. Just follow the crowd out of Fenway and onto the street and they will lead you there. Note that this place will be quite crowded after a game.

    2. Central Kitchen in Central Square. This will require a trip into Cambridge - but if you map it it's actually a rather nice walk from the Fenway/Kenmore area. 567 Massachusetts Ave - also very close to the Central Square T Stop. They have a stellar, affordable wine list and a very nice selection of appetizers - small plates really.

    3. For game watching - there are tons of excellent sports bars in Boston. My favorite place for beer/upscale pub food/television is Deep Ellum in Allston: 477 Cambridge Street. But again, this may or may not be easily accessible to you, it depends where you're staying.

    I'll leave North Shore recommendations to the folks who know - again a search of the board might be fruitful. Good luck.

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      I'll second all of Anon12's recs (funny, it's almost like we know each other...), and add that you could make a very nice small plates and wines crawl in the Central Square Cambridge area. In addition to Central Kitchen, Green Street has great plates and a very nice wine list in the under $100 range. (CK's list is great too, with the high end more in the $200-300 range.) Rendezvous is very nice for this sort of thing too, if you can grab seats at the bar. Lastly, Hungry Mother and Blue Room are in Kendall Sq, about a 10 minute walk from Central Sq, both very much worth a visit for this sort of graze and drink approach.

      There are some good choices in the North End, which is a charming area to visit in any case. Neptune and Prezza come to mind.

      Should you find yourselves in the Harvard Sq area (not that I'm recommending it), get yourselves to Small Plates on JFK St.

      For game watching, you might do well to call ahead and make sure they can put the Mich game on for you, since there may be competition from events with local interest.

      1. re: Anon12

        Just to make sure - Central Kithcen does NOT have a TV. That's one of the things we love about it. And, be sure to take a look at their reserve wine list. It was amazing the last time we looked.

        Rendezvous tends to run movies not sports but I wish they would also 86 the TV.

      2. At most of our favorite restaurants around town, we prefer eating at the bar. We were visiting Boston this week, so made sure to hit a few, many of which have already been mentoned above.. As always, we had a great time.

        I also really enjoyed lunch at the bar of a new restaurant which opened last week called the Marliave.

        This week's reports:


        Places info (which links to past discussions, menus, websites, favorite dishes to order, cocktails, etc.


        Neptune Oyster
        63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

        No 9 Park
        9 Park Street, Boston, MA 02108

        24 Fleet St., Boston, MA 02113

        Eastern Standard
        528 Commonwealth Avenue, Boston, MA 02215

        10 Bosworth Street, Boston, MA 02108

        1. Thank you all for your suggestions. I had intended to write that we were staying at the Westin Waterfront - but I guess I forgot because I assumed we would have to travel to other neighborhoods for good eats.

          I had no idea that Cambridge had so many good options - usually when we come to the area that is where we stay. I will have to keep those in mind for next time.

          And jajjguy - that is the Mich STATE game ---- not the Michigan game!!! :)