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Aug 28, 2008 05:29 PM

Chowfind: Oscar Japanese Cuisine

ML and I just got back from Oscar Japanese Cuisine (4704 Yonge St.). They opened a couple of days ago, and we had decided we wanted to check it out when we saw the takeout menu which wasn't the standard dime-a-dozen one.

The food was terrific and very nicely presented. Of particular interest are the "Cold Plate" and "Hot Plate" items. The "Yellowtail special" is yellowtail served with jalapeno, garlic ponzu dressing, onion sprouts and chives. Terrific flavours but still respectful of the yellowtail. We also ordered the "Albacore special" which contained a beautiful piece of tuna wrapped in nori and served with a very nice maple tamari sauce.

From the hot plate section they didn't have the "Sea urchin roe tempura" available so we went with the "Rock Shrimp". This was probably my favourite item - the shrimp had an extremely light batter - just enough to give it an extra crunch, and was served with a ginger/garlic mayo. We also shared Saba BBQ - perfectly grilled mackerel served with seasalt, black pepper and lemon, and topped with deep fried scallion strips. A large plate of complementary edamame was also provided.

Finally, from the maki section we had a Butterfish+ginger+mango maki roll and the house roll. Both were very fresh and good. ML particularly liked the former. I enjoyed both but felt the cold and hot plate section were better. For dessert we were given a complementary dessert which was noteworthy: mochi azuki (red bean) ice cream.

The chef came by and we talked briefly. There was a bit of a language barrier but both he and our server were friendly. And our server was very diligent in re-filling water and tea.

Factor in their opening special with %10 off and the grand total for two including tax but not tip was $38.

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  1. Most interesting!
    Is the owner and/or chef Japanese or is the place another Korean/Chinese imitation? Any idea about the quality of their nigiri sushi?

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    1. re: Charles Yu

      Pretty sure I heard Mandarin being spoken. Personally, I don't think that should deter anyone. Most of the Chinese/Korean places have very similar menus - this place doesn't.

      Sorry Charles - we didn't sample any nigiri but next time we go I'll try some and report.

    2. interesting, just noticed this place the other day. to be honest I didn't think it'd be a place i'd ever consider checking out, but your review definitely makes me re-consider...thanks!

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        Admittedly the strip mall isn't the prettiest, the sign isn't the greatest and the window is tinted so you can't see much from outside. It's clean and modern inside though, as they must have renovated the place.

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