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Aug 28, 2008 05:03 PM

Western Canadian food and drink?

We will be holding a fundraising event (cocktail party) with a western Canadian theme. We are looking for finger foods and beverages that fit, and would appreciate any suggestions.

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  1. Are you talking Prairies or West Coast?

    Prairies - red meat country - beef and bison. West Coast is Salmon, of course - the traditional culture was based on the abundance of salmon and other wealth of the coastal area.

    Vancouver now has a huge population from everywhere around the Pacific rim, in particular East and South Asia, but do to the oil boom even Albertan cities are becoming fare more cosmopolitan than before. The Prairies are also one of the world's great breadbaskets, and pierogi made by Eastern European settlers are a traditional food.

    Good wines from BC.

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    1. re: lagatta

      Hi Iaquatta,

      Thanks for this. We were thinking prairies.


    2. Some thoughts, to start:

      Alberta beef
      Alberta lamb
      Saskatoons (perhaps a saskatoon mojito as a cocktail?)
      Something Ukrainian - perogies perhaps
      Wheat products
      Local beer
      Local veggies

      1. Calgary Ginger Beef - ok that's a bit obscure. Would be great for a cocktail party however.

        Stampede Pancake Breakfast is another thing that comes to mind.

        1. From a Winnipeg girl exiled in the Big Smoke:

          Rye Bread (Cub!)
          Garlic Dills
          Old Dutch Chips
          Cabbage rolls
          Big Rock or Moosehead beer
          Saskatoon/saskatoon pie
          Sex in a tray

          Hmmm... that's all I have off the top of my head. They used to have "Winnipeg Socials" in Toronto, where they would serve all of the above. I'm having a hard time remembering what else, though!

          1. Thinking of local producers here in Alberta some foods you may want to look at: Bison, pork, and beef (of course) saskatoonberries, honey, mustard... we also have local dairies that produce excellent milk and cheeses... I don't know exactly what you picture when you say "western Canadian" so here are a few resources:

   (comprehensive list of local producers
            )$departme... (Gov Alberta Regional Directory of producers