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Aug 28, 2008 04:58 PM

What are the best appetizers at Pizzeria Mozza?

Wondering what appetizers people think are the best at Pizzeria Mozza? Also what are the best desserts other than the butterscotch budino?

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  1. The squash blossoms with ricotta are my absolute favorite, they also do a great job with their bruscetta, I've had both the white bean and the chicken liver, but very flavorful. I'd say avoid the arrancini (the fried rice balls), we thought they were kinda boring compared to all of the other taste sensations.


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      get em while they last.

    2. Concur on the squash blossoms. I also really love the meatballs.

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        Yep, the squash blossoms and meatballs are amazing. Not in season, but the brussels sprouts are heavenly. We also love the tuna with baby peppers.


      2. Yum, I dream of the squash blossoms. Excellent!

        1. Both the Arancini and the squash blossom are kind of boring. The blossom itself has nearly no taste, and cheese is cheese, period!

          1. Squash blossoms and the bone marrows (if you don't mind fat). The squash blossoms can be very delicately flavored though, and there's a hint of nutmeg in the ricotta/mozzarella mix that's inside. I can always taste the blossoms anywhere, whether in italian or mexican cuisines, but if you are into strong flavors, better stick to something more robust.

            Oh - most also opt for the salame/proscuitto, but I've never tried them.

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              Second with the squash blossom and marrow as my favorites -- but I wouldn't order them in the same meal. Turned out to be way too rich and heavy.

              The burrata is also pretty good as well.


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                True, but a lot of things there are rich too, like the burrata, the proscuitto, and the butterscotch budino.

                I couldn't eat more than 1 piece of the marrow. It was real good with the parsley and roasted garlic, but so rich it's like eating butter.