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Aug 28, 2008 04:22 PM

Food and Wine Pairing

I'm having people over for lunch next week serving carbonara made with guanciale, egg yolks and no cream. I was thinking about serving this with a falanghina. Anyone have any thoughts on that or a better suggestion. My guests are new to this varietal, which I like a lot, but very open to a better idea. Going to be serving a salad too. Thanks

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  1. Here's an existing thread on carbonara pairings ->

    I've not drunk enough falanghinas to have an opinion, though from looking at published reviews I see lots of references to peach and tropical fruits that I have a little trouble imagining the pairing w/ a carbonara. Last time I had carbonara I paired with a Barbera (Seghesio Barbera d'Alba) - it was a good wine but I thought it was too ripe and modern-styled for a really good pairing.

    But I say try it and let us know what you think. I like falanghina because it sounds every so slightly obscene - Alotta Falanghina.

    1. FWIW, in Italy the most common wine pairing with carbonara is Frascati. However, much Frascati in the U.S. is pretty insipid. If you can find a decent one, though, that's what I'd recommend.

      While I love Falanghina, I just don't see it as much with carbonara. But I'd be hypocrtical if I didn't add that if you like Falanghina and if you like carbonara, give the duo a shot.

      1. Alas a carbonara that's not gunked up with cream... good for you....

        Personally I like a medium red here that's good with bacon and especially good with pecorino & pepper. Syrah is my first choice.

        If by chance the recipe is made with parmesan rather than pecorino, then zinfandel OR syrah would be my top choices.

        If you're specifically looking for italian reds, then look at vapolicella superiore or barbera.

        1. I used to make carbonara with bacon all the time and my favorite with it is Rosé Champagne. The guanciale adds a deep porky touch -- sounds very tasty -- and you just want something frisky, white- or Rosé-ish.

          Falanghina might be a tad light, but it sounds like you love it and would like to turn your guests onto it. Have a favorite Falanghina producer?

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          1. re: maria lorraine

            Thank you for pointing out one of the most overlooked wine and food pairings. Though it is versatile, Rosé Champagne is oft maligned by too many.

            I always try to have a few bottles in the cellar, ready to be pressed into service when something with a bit more body is called for - all too often.

            Thanks for sharing,


          2. I *KNEW* Maria would say Rose Champagne, because that is *exactly* what I wa thinking, too.

            Pesonally, apart from bubbly, I'd probably go for a fuller-bodied white from the Alto Adige or Friuli... but not with a lot of oak, and not a Chardonnay (eg. I'd stay away from most of the Jermann wines for this.) A dry (fuller) Alsatian -- Gewurztraminer, Riesling, or (Tokay) Pinot Gris all might work. As would a dry Austrian Riesling.

            If I wanted a red, I'd serve a Barbera.