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Aug 28, 2008 04:19 PM

Eastern Seafood in Los Angeles?

I am in search of eastern type seafood (crabs, clams, oysters, lobster, chowder etc) in L.A. Even though it is a chain i really like Kings Fish House but there is not one on The Westside. The company that owns it also owns Ocean Avenue Seafood in S.M. but it is not the same. I do NOT like Famous Enterprise or Neptune's Net. The last time I was at Malibu Seafood I waited over 45 minutes from the time I ordered until the food arrived!

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  1. Can you be more specific? I know I'll get in trouble for saying this , but after having grown up here and lived in different parts of New England, I found most of the seafood out there really blah - fried bits of things in hot dog buns, soupy cream sauces with doughy crumbs, stuffed things with more crumbs. And what's with the ritz cracker-stuffed lobster?? Seriously, though, ask about specific dishes. I agree, most of the offerings along PCH are pretty disappointing, slow tourist-traps. They do a couple things well (peel 'n' eat shrimp @ Neptune's) but overall these are just fantasy places to bring out-of-towners.

    Crab/lobster - who does it better than Chinese places in Monterey Park? The last steamed/drawn butter-type lobster I got was at Lawry's (I know!) and it was pretty ho-hum. All the "old-school" steak houses (e.g., Taylor's) will have steamed lobster, and might be what you're looking for. (I just never feel like paying for it b/c I'm cheap.)

    Clams - tough to find, but I've never seen anything like RI stuffies out here

    Oysters - tons of places do half-shells as apps, but a basket of friend oysters is maybe what you're looking for, and I can't help ya with that.

    Chowder - there was a recent thread on chowder in L.A., and rolls/po' boys come up all the time.

    Taylor's Steakhouse
    3361 West 8th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90005

    1. If you hear of a real east coast fish house let me know. I've lived here for years and there just aint no such thing. A place called Menemsha opened up a couple years back. They had blue fish, east coast steamers and the like but the place quickly closed. You can get the soft shelled steamers - piss clams - at the Redondo Pier. Otherwise, you'll just have to take your chances with McCormicks and Schmicks and Ocean Aveneu Sea food or perhaps the high end, but very good, Water Grill, downtown Los Angeles. I am always in quest of the genuine Dover Sole.Yummm.

      1. I have been searching for this for 7 years since moving here from jersey - fugget about it. Don't let anyone send you to gladstones or any other maibu places, they are all terrible. I have tried a number of places on the water in Long Beach and really can't recommend any of them.

        Try to be happy with the amazing sushi and dungeness crabs, which you just can't get back east. That said...there are bits and pieces of what you want:

        Bluewater grill in redondo is probably the closest to what you want, but it is not really right. Ignore the hot foods (although I have had respectable butter fish there which is sorta like dover sole) get buckets of clams (only manilla, sigh:( and lots of other steamed/raw seafood. They have a decent NE chowduh. Don't get the red.

        As someone noted, quality seafood has pretty much the best selection of east coast clams, oysters, and occasionally east coast lobster and blue claw crabs. But eating them in a parking lot with mediocre beer just doesn't do it for me.

        Captain Kidds pretty much next door is at least a real restaurant and resembles the east coast places. Lobsters are great, all kinds of fish and shellfish options But their sides are awful. For takeout, it is easier vs quality seafood as no pier parking fees.

        for new england, Hungry Cat in hollywood has the most authentic lobster rolls in town. They come with duck fat fries (yum) but at $27 crazy expensive. They have a great raw bar, also. Both cherrystone and little necks on the half shell.

        Now if east coast includes the gulf, then you definitely want to check out garden grove and all the crawfish/crab boil places popping up. I like boiling pot. Really, really good , inexpensive, and fairly new orleans authentic. and while they are all vietnamese they do have that jersey casual beach place atmosphere.

        1. Baron - you mentioned steamed "pisser" (ipswich clams) at the Redondo Pier. Do you know where on the pier? I am not a fan of seafod in Chinese restaurants. I am looking for a place like Kings (preferably not a chain but similar food) on the Westside or South Bay. I am referring to eastern seafood from the Jersey Shore - hard shell crabs -- stemed ipswich clams... There used to be a place in Santa Monica on Pico that flew in Chesapeake hard shells but they went out of business years ago.

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            Hey flower girl. I'm a Jersey boy too. I get live ipswich clams from Quality Sea food at the Pier. I have never seen them in a restaurant, so I steam them at home. There used to be a place call the Maryland Crab House on Pico. But, alas, they are long gone. I hate to say this but it is getting very hard to get decent seafood of any kind in this town. If you find a source, please let us know. good luck.