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Aug 28, 2008 03:42 PM

Calgary - Best Pub to Watch College Football?

Usually, I use this forum to ask opinions on the newest restros in town (and reading people's experiences at some of the old favorites), but this question has nothing to do with food and everything to do with football!

I am a HUGE NCAA football fan and until Shaw starts to offer ESPN's Gameplan, I will continue to try and feed my hunger for football by searching out the pubs that carry the most diverse content. So, anyone have any recommendations for the "Best Football Watching Pubs of 2008"? There are quite a few that show some good NFL games that aren't on regular cable, but I am specifically interested in college football.

A nice selection of draft beers would be a plus!

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  1. I waited a long time to answer this post, hoping that someone would have a better answer for you....but in Calgs......
    Not a very good selection of beer, nor even the right to be called a "pub" but if you are strictly looking for the games head to Hooters. Its full of fans, they carry lots of games and the wings arn't bad either.
    I haven't been but Flames Central might have Collage ball on Saturdays. Im sure if you ask....
    Sometimes Woodys is good place to catch a game too, again strictly for the football!
    Most othere places we have been to to "watch the game" will rarely turn on the volume.....its a crime in this town!
    Sorry, HTH.

    1. Frankly if you want to watch ncaa football, stay home. If you want to watch Canadian college football with a knowledgable and caring crowd, I'd head out to Saskatoon. That is a town that loves the Canadian game (of course it is in the land of Rider Pride), but these guys really get into it. I was in town for the Vanier Cup and frankly it put the Grey Cup to shame.

      1. Hey keep this thread alive!! I live in Calgary and I am a huge NCAA college football fan. I am most interested in Michigan Wolverines....any Big Ten bars out there? Is there any place good for NCAA football with the sound on?