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Aug 28, 2008 03:32 PM

Great Beer & Great food

Ok Chowists, I know I have read many posts around these topics but apparently I am not choosing the correct search terms!
We have a friend who is impossible to buy for and we are seeing him Saturday for his Birthday. After much discussion we decided the best idea was a gift certificate to somewhere with REALLY good beer, and big food (a steak house with excellent beer would be perfect) and nice atmosphere in case he takes his wife who eats a little and will have a sweet drink or a glass of wine. Newer places better, expanded center city (Queen Village, fishtown, University city) or they live near Mt Airy. Thoughts?

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  1. How about getting him a mixed six-pac of Belgian beers. That could run into some money.

    1. My picks would be:

      Monk's Cafe
      Standard Tap

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        Standard Tap is always a great choice for good beer and food.
        I thought Parc (stephen starr's new place) had a pretty good beer list - i also enjoyed the food and the atmosphere is great.

      2. i haven't tried it yet, so can't vouch for the food, but bennelux might fit the bill

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          The filet mignon at Zot is pretty damn good and they have more Belgians on tap than anyone I know. Plus, the restaurant is very pretty.

        2. I've been to all of the places people have recommended. Monks, Eulogy, Standard Tap, Zot, and Bennelux. They're all decent, but I would suggest Memphis Taproom in Kensington over all of those. It's relatively new (opened in April). Their food is fantastic and the beer selection is brilliant. I spent quite a while talking with Leigh, the owners wife, and they are really passionate about the beer selection. You can check out what's on tap as well as their menu at I believe their having a blind beer tasting contest over the next three days. Cheers.

          1. What's everyone's opinion on Triumph Brewing Company? I enjoyed my beer there the one time I was and their food menu seems interesting.

            Also, North 3rd (in NoLibs) has a decent beer selection (nothing like Eulogy or anywhere like that... mmore in line with Plough and the Stars) and they have really good buffalo wings. The decor is, um, interesting though to say the least so may not be best to give a gift cert there...