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Aug 28, 2008 03:17 PM

Hearty breakfast in North Conway?

Hey there! We are going to North Conway this weekend. We have been many times and I am so sick of the same places for breakfast. Could you recommend some place other then Peaches, Red Fox, Blueberry Muffin and the other Train restaurant by Storyland, We have kids so it has to be kid friendly. My husband LOVES a BIG breakfast.

Thank you!

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    1. Whenever we're in the area we have breakfast at Yesterday's in Jackson. Maybe a bit out of the way depending on where you're staying in North Conway. Standard breakfast fare but consistent and definately kid friendly.

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      1. I can 2nd the Yesterday's suggestion. Great place to eat breakfast. Peaches is good, but always overly crowded on weekends (good sign if you don't mind waiting).

        My favorite is a place upstairs on main st across from greeley park in N. Conway called the Stairway Cafe. It is a real small place (maybe 25 seats), but they make some of the best breakfasts in town. They also have 6 seats outside on a rail overlooking downtown. Great place for breakfast while looking at the world pass by. They also have exotic sausages as an option for the more adventurist types...

        So my votes would be
        Jackson: Yesterdays
        N. Conway Stairway Cafe
        Bartlett: The Glen Junction (train place near Storyland)

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          Is this the name of the place that used to be called Gunther's?

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            I second the Stairway Cafe for breakfast -- pricey, but worth the money. They are also kid-friendly -- I remember a kid play area, coloring books, and I believe that the owner or cook has small children.

            I believe that the Homestead also serves breakfast, if you want another place to try.

          2. We had a fantastic couple of breakfasts at the restaurant in the White Mountain Hotel. We tried the eggs benedict, blueberry pancakes, hash and eggs, and french toast. All really, really good with excellent and not too greasy home fries. The hash was particularly nice, and the pancakes come with cinnamon butter. Yum. They also do a Sunday Brunch which looked really great but we ate too early for that.

            It's also perfectly kid-friendly. My daughter (7) had cereal the first day which was a huge treat for her since I don't buy sugary cereals. Our waitress was reallly sweet and brought her a second mini-box of Corn Pops to have as a snack later. Came in handy while standing in line for rides at Story Land.

            We also ate at the Train place on the corner near Story Land in Glen. I have to say we did not care for it at all. But my daughter liked it because they had Kraft mac and cheese and a train that ran around the top of the ceiling.

            Have a fun weekend!