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Aug 28, 2008 03:12 PM

French Restaurant in Green Hills, PA???

We were driving on Rte. 10 today between Morgantown and Reading, and saw a restaurant with a sign Restaurant Francais in a town (township?) that seemed to be called Green Hills. We didn't stop, but we would love to know if anyone has tried it.



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  1. The Green Hills Inn is what passes for "french" food in Reading. The menu hasn't changed in about 20 years and it is the typical cliche french food that everyone hates... huge amounts of butter and cream, all fish and meat totally soaked in sauce and absolutly no finesse in presentation or cooking technique. Many, many years ago it was a nice place, ranked up there with Joe's as Reading's two best restaurants. Now, after years of neglect and a static menu, it's definitly not worth it in my opinion. You're better off at any number of BYOB's or restaurants in the philly area.