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Aug 28, 2008 03:08 PM

oak brook area eats?

I know there are several older threads on this topic, but I figured I'd ask again in case there's any new places to check out---I'll be staying in Oak Brook this weekend and riding the train into town for the jazz fest. While we're in Oak Brook, though, what's good to eat? We're wide open for all food styles, ethnicities, high-brow, low-brow, etc.

Any recommendations would be great!

P.S. I'm almost emberassed to say it, but we're staying at the Hyatt at BURGER UNIVERSITY or whatever the heck it's called. I'm a little freaked out by the McDonald's connection, but we got a great deal and the hotel looks nice. Anyone know about the quality of their in-hotel restaurants? (Piazza, Water's Edge, etc)

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    1. re: dingey

      I love Uncle Julio's Hacienda on Butterfield Rd. for fajitas or carne asada and Tex-Mex; enchiladas, tamales, etc. The food is always very fresh and well prepared, and the chips and salsa they bring to your table when you sit down are amazing. The atmosphere is fun and the service is always good. This is one of our favorite places. Also, for a Chicago style hot dog and experience, you must go to Portillo's!

      1. re: dingey

        I used to work at the Hyatt Lodge(purchasing), and the restaurants are just ok. Very nice grounds, and a nice facility.

        Uncle Julios is terrible, some of the worst gringo mex around. I also have not cared for Greek Islands(chicago location as well), or Reza's, I go into Chicago to Greektown for greek food, or Semiramis for Middle Eastern if that is what I am seeking.

        Just south on 83 you can find Pappadeux's, which is decent food. Or if you take 83 south to Ogden Avenue, and head west, you can run into Katy's Dumplings a hole in the wall spot at Ogden and Cass avenue for some very good noodles, dumplings, potsitickers, and Chinese food. about 2 miles further west is Lao Szechaun for some good Chinese food as well. Going north on 83 you will find every chain imaginable.

        Middle Eastern / Persian.
        Try:Grilled Mushrooms, baba ghannouj, dark meat chicken kabobs w/ dill rice, vegetarian shami.
        They also have a a decent lunch buffet on wknds. Very casual. Old stanby for me.

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        1. re: gordeaux

          Reza's is great! I love all their lamb dishes. Sunday brunch is very good but gets very crowded with whole large families. I was able to order off the regular menu during the brunch and was surprised by 4 very nice lamb chops and a whole platter of couscous. In the area on 22nd Street in Lombard is Greek Islands, an outpost of the one in Greektown.

        2. Does the hotel offer a shuttle service to a Metra station? If not, I hope you're aware that the closest Metra station to HamburgerU is about three miles away...

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          1. re: Mizer

            Yeah, I know....Westmont. I THINK the hotel might shuttle there--otherwise we'll drive to the station and street park or something. If all else fails, we into the city and try to find parking during a crazy, crazy weekend.

            Thanks for all of the recommendations! If anybody has more, please let fly!

            VERY intrigued by Katy's Dumplings (i love amazing holes-in-the-wall)--I'd MUCH rather check that out than the chains. I've been on an insatiable asian food bender lately. I'm just happy to know there's choices OTHER than every chain imaginable in that region. Thanks for the tips, everybody!

            Any good Thai or Indian out that way, or would the closest area be Westmont for those type of goodies?

            How about good breakfast spots?

            Eternally demanding,

            1. re: dingey

              LOL - I was wondering about your stance on "Holes in the wall" and travel.
              Want a serious dive? Pakistani food? I haven't been to any of the Westmont Indian places. I hear that the place called Madras Palace is one of the best.

              I have one that I like in Lombard called Desi Grill & Pizza. It is a DIVE - probably more of a dive than you are thinking. Recs:
              Chicken Kerahi
              Chili Chicken
              Chicken Boti.
              (vegetable dishes rotate outside of dals)
              912 E Roosevelt Rd
              Lombard, IL 60148
              (630) 916-8608

              If you REALLY like dives, and Indian food (paki) you might wanna try this joint, even if just for take out. It is a DIVE, but the food is respectable, and cheap. If you do it for takeout, and you get there in time, go a few blocks (maybe 1.5) blocks west on same side of street to Al-Wahid grocery for paratha / naan (theirs is better than Desi's, but they close earlier) to go with the meal from Desi Grill‎. Al-Wahid's has a little grill inside, and they also make some decent eats, but Desi GRill makes respectable versions of what I listed above for very good prices. They also have "specials" dishes daily. This place is not for the timid diner. Eating in is very possible - there are tables scattered, and a cooler with some soda options, but it's primarily set up for carryout. I dig this place big time. Remember, it's a DIVE.

              Further East on Roosevelt are two interesting options in the town of Hillside. Priscilla's Ultimate Soulfood Cafeteria, and The Epicurean (Eastern European.) Both are solid choices if you can get there not "walkable" but not far away at ALL if you'll have a rental or any kind of transport?

              There's also a "Viceroy of India" on Roosevelt Rd in Lombard right around the Desi Grill / Al-Wahid area. It's a little snazzier. Haven't tried it.

              1. re: gordeaux

                good rec. the smothered pork chops @ Priscilla's are top notch. I love that place.

                I have heard the fried chicken is good as well, but since I live out in the fried chicken capitol of northern Illinois(LaSalle County), I get my fill, and tend not to order it elsewhere.

                1. re: swsidejim

                  YAY! Now we're REALLY gettin' somewhere! I'm still not exactly sure how much of our time will be spent in the city and how much of it will be spent in Oak Brook, but I'm feeling waaaaay more intrigued about our eating options now!

                  Gordeaux, thanks! I understand the trepidation of recommending DIVE spots--some people are truly freaked out by that stuff. FEAR NOT! We live in the 'hood and I've visited every divey soul food joint or taqueria that has ever sprung up in in abandoned factories and crummy storefronts our town. Usually the worst that happens is that the proprieters shake their heads and laugh at you, then toss a little something extra in your takeout bag to entice you to come back.

                  All of our SW Michigan-area Indian restaurants are the cloth-on-the-table type, so I'm fascinated by a dive version. Love having a soul-food rec and EASTERN EURO tip, too! I rock the slavic epicanthic fold, so I'm down with exploring my roots!

                  1. re: dingey

                    Yeah - If you are in it for the eats, and not looking to be "seen" then Katy's, Desi Grill, Phyllis's, Madras Palace, Epicurean, Reza's are solid choices near you for what they do. The State of Thai Affairs is not much to speak of, BUT, on 22nd st and Mannheim is a tiny little homey joint named Benjarong which does decent eats. It is not far at all.

                    IF you wind up driving into the city, and you have some time, I would highly suggest you try to get to Spoon Thai, or Tac Quick for Thai food, and /or Devon Avenue for a whole section of town that steers towards Indian culture including a BUNCH of restaurants and snack shops.

          2. Assuming you're on wheels, take 88 west to Naperville, and go to Timpano -- varied menu, good jazz, good steaks

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            1. re: Winsor

              And BIG martini's!!!! If you go Mon-Weds they have a great happy hour
              special on selected drinks/wine and $2.00 appetizers. They also have
              a good lunch special all inclusive.