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Aug 28, 2008 02:20 PM

Boston's Best Delis

Hi there,
I'm looking for a couple of new delis to try. My friend is in love with roast beef sandwhiches, and Iove anything made with premiu, fresh ingredients...looking for a place that makes it's own ciabatta, preferably...
Thanks guys!

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  1. The Boston area is not overrun with great delis. Arguably the best would include Michael's in Brookline and Sam LaGrassa's in the Downtown Crossing area of Boston; there's also places like Barry's in the Waban section of Newton, Zaftig's and Rubin's in Brookline, Arthur's Deli and the Washington St. Deli in Chelsea, and Evan's in Marblehead. Have been to Michael's, Sam LaGrassa's, Zaftig's, and Rubin's, but none of the rest.

    For roast beef sandwiches, there are loads of such places, especially up on the North Shore (they usually have "Famous Roast Beef" as part of their name). Three I can vouch for are Kelly's Roast Beef (several locations), Royal Roast Beef in East Boston, and the Liberty Bell in Malden.

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      Thank you so much for getting back so quickly. I'll check out Sam LaGrassa's, Michael's and Royal Roast Beef, and get back to you all...

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        I doubt they have roast beef, but Domenic's in Waltham makes their own ciabatta, and they are really, really good. Very fresh ingredients, including their own sundried tomatoes in a wonderful sandwich.

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          Actually, Dom's has a great Roast Beef sandwich, though it's not what most people in these parts think of as roast-beef sandwich. From their menu: Manzo
          House made garlic roast beef, caramelized onion, Gorgonzola, arugula * New *

          The bread at Doms is a feat unto itself. Fresh baked in house (sometimes it is even still warm!! Those are the best days.). They have two kinds--crusty (default) and soft. Generally I prefer soft, though both are excellent. Their Chicken Parm sandwich is very good as well (I recommend extra sauce and extra cheese (mozz or prov), but do crusty bread for sure if you do extra sauce), and I really love the Turkey Dee-Lite (which comes with a delightful spicy honey mustard sauce that I'm just in love with). And, if you are ever there on a day when they have the round pizza (normally they do square), get two or three slices and don't look back. OMG it is so good.

    2. Lendy's in Saugus on Lynn Fells Parkway in the Circuit City plaza is pretty good. I had a great (and heavy!) grilled reuben there lately.