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Good food in Arlington

I would be like to know your favorite places to eat in Arlington. We have lived her 3 years and have found it to be a bit spotty. We are especially interested in Mexican, Cajun,home cooking places and pizza. There is a good cajun place on Cooper just south of I-30 in a strip mall that we found.

Mike in Arlington

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  1. Hey Mike, are you talking about Cajun Corner?

    1. This topic was discussed recently. Here, you'll find mention of Corky's Pizza in South Arlington. By far, this restaurant has the best pizza in Arlington, maybe in Tarrant County.


      Pat's Cajun Corner is the place you're referring to. They serve good fried foods; I really enjoy their shrimp and my dad loves the catfish. Their red beans dish is decent, but not creamy enough for me and my taste.

      There's another Cajun place (Pierre's) that has gotten decent reviews in the Telegram (on Cooper, just north of I-20). However, I believe it's over-rated. I've yet to find a really good Creole or Cajun place in Tarrant County. Many places I've tried serve boiled crawfish with seasoning outside the shell (definitely not Cajun).

      1. I really like Taisho. They serve really good sushi and have excellent Miso soup. it's off Pleasant Ridge and Green Oaks. Jay Jay's Cafe has two locations in Arlington, and they are great! It's a hole in the wall, the decor isn't the best, but the food is delicious! I tried the Pecan Crusted Catfish and home fries, and both were some of the best I've ever had.

        1. Definitely check out Nizza Pizza on Cooper over by UTA. They have an amazing White Pizza...thin, crisp crust...and you can get an extra large for a little bit over $10. The guys who run it are from New Jersey, which may add some authenticity to the place, but I don't necessarily buy into that line of reasoning. But take a bite from one of their pizza's or calzones (staying away from their pastas) and make up your mind for yourself.

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            I definitely concur on Nizza Pizza. I'm a deep dish lover, but their thin crust is off the chain. Make sure to get some of their french bread too! I ended up getting their bread guy's number and just order directly from him now. Best of all.....it's BYOB, which makes for a great relaxing dinner on Friday that doesn't break the bank.

          2. Spanning many years, Al's Hamburgers at 157/Green Oaks has never failed me for a good priced, old-fashioned drive-in style burger (thin patty). Try the chili-cheese burger - it's THAT good! It's been a while since I've ordered their chicken fried steak, but I've never had a problem with it either.

            Just this weekend I went to Pioneer Restaurant for breakfast. I had absolutely no recs other than the parking lot was packed. Not a bad decision at all. Great prices, great food. Thick, Belgium waffles, served nicely browned on the outside, dense, almost cake-y on the inside. The waitress was concerned that it was over done, but for my friend's liking, it was perfect. I only say that so if you order the waffle, specify if you like it light or dark. My pancakes were probably the best I've ever had. They were extremely light - not the typical lead weight characteristic found in so many places. My bacon was thick and crisp, and the scrambled eggs - ordered "easy" - arrived perfectly cooked with still a shimmer of moisture. In this, a blue plate diner style restaurant, I'd have never expected them to actually prepare an easy scramble egg. I was impressed. The hashbrowns were run of the mill, shredded variety, brown and crispy on the outside, soft on the inside. This place is worth a return visit even w/my drive from Grapevine.

            They have a non-breakfast menu, but honestly, I didn't pay that much attention to it. Given that the restaurant's been around since the 80's, I'd imagine they do a pretty good job with anything they decide to cook. Don't let the lines scare you. Even though it was packed on Sun. morning with about 15 people waiting to be seated, we were at a table drinking coffee within 15 min or less. Service was VERY fast, pleasant and efficient. And oh yes, I don't know how good it is, but they had about 6 different fruit and meringue pies. You just don't see pie anymore.

            306 109th St. (Behind the vacant mall at 360 and Division)
            Arlington - 817-633-4433

            1. I live in Midlothian SE of Arlington, so thats typically where I go eat. For GREAT food across the board, go to BJ's Brewhouse. It simply cannot be beat. After you eat there pizza, nothing else will satisfy. I am typically a VERY healthy eater, but when I splurge, I always go there for the pizza. If you're not in the mood, the rest of their menu is fantastic. I have put this restaurant #1 on my board. Love it

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                Their deep dish totally rocks! Something they took off the menu that you can still order is the blacked cajun shrimp alfredo pizza that makes you wanna show your "O" face. Don't forget to try the beer sampler. Jeremiah Red is my fave.

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                  Have to disagree on the pizza part. It's OK but, what they serve in a deep dish pan is just "thick" crust with toppings. A "real" deep dish, i.e. Chicago style is thin crust pressed into the deep pan and then cheese is layered in with toppings and topped with sauce. Too many places use the deep dish term for something totally different!

              2. Catfish Sam’s
                2735 W Division St
                Arlington, TX 76012
                Phone: 817-275-9631

                I’m not a huge fried catfish lover for the simple reason that catfish (that I’ve experienced) has mostly been very thin, making the final product end up being nothing more than fried batter. NOT at Catfish Sam’s. A friend recommended it after a visit there several weeks ago. I went last night and was very pleased – with the catfish. It was meaty and encased in a wonderfully thin and crispy cornmeal exterior. The grease factor was at a bare minimum. 2, 3 or 5 filets are available with a choice of one side with prices @ 9.00 – 13 or 14.

                When you are seated, there is a small saucer and bowl on the table at each seat. Almost immediately, a tray of condiments/small apps are brought to the table for you to enjoy while looking over the menu. They are intended to be served family style. They include a bowl of pretty good, but not highly seasoned pintos (that’s what the individual bowls are for), sliced pickles, pickled okra, slaw (bland), sweet green tomato relish (has a little heat kick to finish), and raw wedges of white onion. The bread basket includes cylindrical hushpuppies (ehhh, pretty sure they’re the frozen variety and nothing to write home about) and toasted baguette rounds that are sweet - odd. If you opt to make this you’re meal, they charge 4.99, but otherwise, it is complimentary with an entrée. They’ll bring more beans as you wish and probably other items as well.

                Also on the menu are a couple of varieties of broiled catfish (2 filets) served over rice pilaf – but this looked like simple white rice which had been colored with something. These dishes increase in price up to around 13.00. They also have steak, burgers, chicken and CFS.

                I was disappointed that the tarter sauce was in a squeeze bottle which was sitting on the table with S&P, ketchup and hot sauces. Considering that tarter *should* be mayo based, I found that kind of creepy and opted to use the ketchup instead. Simply for the catfish, I’ll definitely return, but can’t get too excited about anything else. Oh yeah, If you are a beer drinker, it's served in frozen schooners – so it's icy cold.