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Aug 28, 2008 02:00 PM

50th birthday celebration in Kauai

Hi. I'm counting on all of your great palates to help me out. I am taking my boyfriend to Kauai to celebrate his 50th b'day. Will be at the Grand Hyatt Kauai the first week of Feb. I haven't been in Kauai for about 5 years and would love good dinner recommendations based on recent restaurant experiences. I'd like a fantastic place for the b'day celebration and then just great food and or/ fun places for the rest of the week. He also loves wine so a good list would be a plus. Thanks for your help!!

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  1. I would recommend The Beach House. Call early and ask for a sunset reso. The food is excellent especially considering the wonderful view which is usually not the case.

    You will love the Hyatt. It is awesome. I wouldn't bother with the restaurants there as there are too many local places worth checking out though few are as fancy.

    Look up these places- Duane's Ono Char Burger, Kountry Kitchen, Hanalei Gourmet, Coconuts (my personal favorite), Koloa Fish Market. All are great causual places.

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      Sorry to say Coconuts is now closed...

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        Beach House is ok but beware of the jewelry store inside the restaurant. My wife got a "second" dessert that wasn't on the menu and cost $400. The waiter was really cool and delivered her pearl earrings with her regular dessert.
        Anyway, I thought the fish was oversauced. A common problem at many Kauai restaurants. The Plantation was probably our best dinner of the week.
        Wahoo was pretty good...less sauce on the fish. We both like Bubbs's for burgers.
        Personally. I wish we had been able to make it up north to go to Bar Accuda.
        In my opinion there is no great food on Kauai. Good and acceptable is about as good as it gets. Service will always be hit or miss no matter where you eat. I'm not saying you won't have perfectly enjoyable meals, it's just that as a foodie here in Chicago we have, um, higher standards.
        P.s. Roys was closed for the week we were there in December. It looked like a big remodel job. Three years ago when we were there, Roy's was far and away the best meal we ate. The service was excellent too and if I can remember a particular meal from that long ago. it must have been pretty good. That or the rest of the dinners were pretty sad.

      2. I would suggest Tidepool's. Beach House service/quality can be hit or miss (there are lots of debates about the topic on tripadvisor), but you can't go wrong with Tidepools.

        There are lots of old posts about where to eat on Kauai, which should be a good start for you. If you want to read more about island and get pretty accurate restaurant reviews, look into buying the Ultimate Kauai Guidebook (the book itself has some slightly questionable info about hikes, but it is hands down the best book out there!)

        1. Might want to read through the first part of:
 to see some reviews of the Poipu area of Kaua`i. It is getting a bit long in the tooth, but you might get some ideas.


          1. here's a link to a post i made in december. have fun!! i'm jealous!!


            1. Hi nyclivestoeat. I read your post with much interest as I'm taking my husband to Kauai for his 50th in a few weeks and we're staying at the Grand Hyatt on Kauai ; )

              My post would read almost exactly like yours, so I'm dying to know, where'd you end up and what did you think??

              I've read so many mixed reviews of The Beach House, Tidepools and Roys, I'm getting skeptical and need additional, and ideally recent input.


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                The OP is not going on her trip until Feb 09. You will be back by then.

                Tidepools is a special place, Beach House overrated and Roy's is good but noisy and very hectic with wait staff bustling about.
                Have a great time on Kauai!

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                  Ahhh, I didn't catch the Feb. date.

                  Thanks so much for your input. How does the upscale Italian rest. at the Hyatt compare to Tidepools? And does Tidepools have a nice view? Looking for a setting that's as memorable as the food.

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                    You have chosen the most lovely place in all of Kauai to stay and celebrate this special event of your husband's 50th! It is certain to be a trip to remember.
                    You can not go wrong with the dining choices at the Hyatt.
                    While both fine dining choices here(Donderos & Tidepools) are excellent...the setting and atmosphere at Tidepools is really truly special. be sure to tell them when you make the reservation that it is your husband's 50th birthday.!
                    We also like to have lunch at the Poipu Bay Clubhouse, which is also part of the Hyatt's dining options. It has great views of the 18th hole and green with well prepared casual dishes.It is located just next door to the Hyatt property.
                    Donderos the Italian restaurant has some wonderful offerings that I would also recommend to try if you are looking to dine on another night. You can download the menu for all of the above mentioned spots on the resort's website under Dining.
                    Meg, you and your husband will have a spectacular time given the Hyatt's special allure and location on the Island of Kauai.
                    Happy Travels!

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                      Thanks so much for your additional input and the reassurance.

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                      You might get some info from the CH link that I provided up the thread. I did both of the Grand Hyatt restaurants in that one, plus the Beach House and Plantation Gardens (and a few more). Kaua`i is at the beginning of that thread.