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Aug 28, 2008 01:54 PM

Food Processor Recommendations

My wife and I are looking for a food processor. I was looking at the Kitchenaid and Magimix food processors. Is the magimix significantly better than the kitchenaid? We make a lot of salsas, love to bake, and find that we will probably use the device a lot.

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  1. I'm in need of a new food processor after many, many good years (mostly) w/ my Braun food processor. Had to replace the part that holds up the slicing/shredding disk many times, and now find the replacement parts are no longer available.
    I was thinking: Cuisinart.
    I'd appreciate hounds letting us know what you have that you love?

    1. you might also consider a 14 cup Cuisinart.we use ours all the time and my wife does lots of baking.they make a 20 cup too but that's pretty expensive.we have a 6 qt kitchenaid stand mixer too if you really want to go all out.

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        we received the 6qt kitchenaid stand mixer as a wedding present. We love to cook and bake. We just are looking for something really nice that will give us years of faithful service.

      2. The Kitchenaid food processor was made by Magimix in France until two years ago. The Kitchenaid is now made in China while the Magimix is still made in Burgundy, France in the same factory where the first Cuisinarts were manufactured from the 70s until the early 80s -- Cuisinart was thereafter made in japan, and now as everybody else in China.

        Magimix is the same company that makes commercial food processors - Robot-Coupe. they have been doing this for more than 30 years. Ask any chef in any restaurant if he/she has a Robot-coupe in the restaurant kitchen... and buy a Magimix.

        P.S.: My mother-in-law still has her RC1 (Cuisinart made by Magimix in france) manufactured in 1979, and it still works beautifully!

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          Don't buy the Cuisinart made in China...the plastic and weight tells it all. I still have my Magimix, made in France since the 70's and still works amazingly well. I just had to replace the bowl because of a small crack and found a bowl for another model of Cuisinart that did the trick with a minor adjustment.

        2. I purchased a MagiMix 5150 from Chefs, due to glowing reviews and the fact that it was "Made in France" and have to say I was disappointed. After spending twice as much as I would have for a new Cuisinart, I find that the feed tube is FAR too narrow, compared with my old Japanese-made Cuisinart. There is also a large gap between the feed tube and the top of your slicing discs, resulting in the last 1 1/2 inches of whatever you're slicing falling onto the disc and spinning around uselessly...
          I like having the 3 bowls and the power is good (although the Cuisinart sufficed for kitchen use) and it looks nice on my counter...but worth double the cost of a Kitchen Aid? I'd probably have opted for the Kitchen Aid or another Cuisinart if I had to do it over.
          Of course, Williams Sonoma carries a model with a wider feedtube--I'd recommend that one, definitely, if you need to have a Magimix.
          I find that where something is made is far less important than where or HOW it is designed.

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            I believe this is an operator error, not a design issue, the discs are meant to be used with the medium bowl, the long stem blade is meant to be used with the large bowl. I recently switch from an 18-year old cuisinart to the MagiMix and I'm very happy with it.


            1. re: sesame_dumpling

              No operator error!
              I didn't mention the fact but I DO use the middle bowl for all slicing and grating. I have read the manual cover to cover, and I can even read and understand the french version. I also read a post on this site before buying or using that advises that the middle bowl is used for slicing or grating. So, no, I'm not an idiot.
              Tell me that your disc is almost flush with the bottom of the feeding tube and you do not have anything rolling around when you use the discs...I must have been sold a knock off, then. I think that people who ask should be given an honest asessment of a Magimix--Pros AND cons, before purchasing. I find there's a lot of positive raves out there, probably from people who need to justify the fact that they paid twice as much for a food processor.
              I'm basically happy with the thing, but I think people should be made aware of the fact that the 5150 has a very narrow feed tube (this can not be disputed and is not a result of operator error!) and the fact that they may be annoyed by how the discs operate, compared to other machines they've used.
              They definitely should try to test drive it before they spend the money.

              1. re: choco_lab38

                The purpose of the forum is to provide correct information.

                The disc is definitely almost flush to the bottom of the feed tube if the medium bowl is used, however I can see that the distance between the bottoms of the medium and large bowl is about 1 1/2 inches. So I can see that if the large bowl is used, there would be 1 1/2 inch space between the bottom of the feed tube and the disc.

                I do agree that the feed tube is not large but it is a very visible feature.


                1. re: sesame_dumpling

                  Exactly! The purpose is to provide correct information and also opinion based on experience. Please do not assume user error if you do not have all of the facts. In this case, attributing something to user error was NOT providing correct information. Which of us is providing correct, unprejudiced info. is apparently up for debate.

                  As I said, and say again, the MEDIUM, or middle, bowl IS in place when I use my discs, and the processed food is collected therewithin. The large bowl is on the machine only because the bowls cannot be used independently--the medium bowl must rest inside the large bowl when in use...But, rest assured, the medium bowl is within the large bowl when I am using discs. OK?

                  "Definitely almost" flush, you say. LOL--I'll just say there's more space on top of the disc than other machines I've used, and it leaves more unprocessed food than my Cuisinart did. Is all of this a big deal? Probably not to many. But is it absolutely perfect? I'd have to say no. Just posting my opinion, based on 20+ years of experience with various machines.
                  Last night I used a disc to grate mozzarella cheese and the usual happened--once the pusher had been pushed down to its full extent, the last bit of cheese fell through the feedtube, rolled around on top of the disc for a revolution and got hung up and collected in the corner between the feedtube and the top and side of the lid. And yes, I was trying my best to push the cheese through at a 90-degree angle to the disc. As further evidence that I used the middle bowl, when removing the disc, the other balls of cheese resting on top of the disc rolled into the large bowl (Drat! Had to wash both bowls!)

                  As for the narrow feed tube, that is a big deal. And it is not very visible if someone is ordering the machine via catalog or online, as I did. Yes, "caveat emptor" (buyer beware), but isn't this valid info. to pass on to others who may be interested in the product?
                  Let's face it, the Magimix 5150, which I'm talking about, is not exactly widely available for in-person viewing across the whole of the US (it's in none of the retail stores in my area-WS carries a different model with a wider tube), so many people simply don't have the ability to see it or try it out in a store. I've not seen the feedtube dimensions advertised in any of the online outlets I've visited (perhaps there's a reason for that).
                  If the machine were only used a few times a week to chop onions or garlic, or to mix cookie dough, I wouldn't have any problems with it, but it's purported to be a multifunctional machine, close to commercial quality, which is how the high price is justified. If I only needed it to chop garlic and onions and made cookie dough once in awhile, I probably wouldn't REALLY need to buy a Magimix, would I?
                  As it is, I rely on the feed tube a great deal, and thus, it is a problem for me. Also, I don't know about the KitchenAid, but the Magimix does not have a food pusher with a small hole for adding liquid ingredients, such as olive oil for mayonnaise, slowly and evenly. My Cuisinart had this feature and I miss it. Instead, the pusher/plunger can double as a measuring cup. This isn't a necessity to me, as I have measuring cups floating all over my kitchen.

                  1. re: choco_lab38

                    I just got a magimix, same model from Chef's Catalog. I have noticed the exact same thing but it honestly doesn't bother me at all. It's kind of a negligible complaint for me really.

                    I love my magimix, I think it's incredible.

                    I just have two problems with the purchase: My magimix came scratched due to sloppy packaging prior to shipping and Chef's still has not returned my email after a week! Very bad customer service if you ask me. I have detailed pictures if anyone would like to see them. It's incredibly innapropriate for Chef's to not return my email. It was the first time I shopped with them, and probably the last. Maybe they have too much business, even though we're ina recession. I guess they don't need mine.

                    My one other complaint is that my Magimix only came with a 2mm slicer, which is incredibly tiny! I assumed right out of the box I'd be able to slice 4mm or 6mm carrots or potatoes for french fries, but no. I have found the other blades for 20 each on another website, so I'll probably just buy them there.

                    I want to be clear, I love my Magimix!!! But, even though they offer free shipping, I would not go with Chef's Catalog again. I can only hope that the accident that resulted in the huge gash in the box containing my magimix and the scratch of the magimix did not cause any internal damage. At least it came with a great warranty!

                    1. re: choco_lab38

                      About the small hole for adding oil for mayo, I noticed that the pusher for the juicer has holes in it, I was thinking I could use that, but I honestly haven't tried it.

            2. I am also looking for a food processor for my registry. I was wondering if anyone has any idea how a Cuisinart compares to KitchenAid. (Also, Cuisinart just redid their food processors, so it would be great if anyone knows how the newer ones work.) Thanks.

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                If you are looking for a food processor, do yourself a favor and get the Magimix from either Chef's Catalog or Williams-Sonoma. They're still made in France by the company that makes commercial food processors, Robot-Coupe. The Cuisinart was originally made by Robot-Coupe, and then the manufacturing was moved to Japan. The Japanese made machines were decent. However, Cuisinart eventually went bankrupt and was bought by Conair. Conair began manufacturing the machines in China. KitchenAid food processors were also manufactured in France by Robot-Coupe, but their latest series of machines is made in China. The biggest problem with the Cuisinarts and the new KitchenAids is the plastic that is used on the motor shaft. It is just not strong enough to withstand heavy use, such as for kneading bread dough. It will eventually either crack or melt. The Magimix machines use a better quality of plastic to cover the motor shaft, and you can knead bread dough until the cows come home and the machine will not fail. Just read some of the reviews for the KitchenAid and Cuisinart machines on I've also read that Cuisinart customer service leaves a lot to be desired. If you have a problem with one of their machines, you're pretty much just out of luck. KitchenAid, on the other hand, will generally stand behind their products. It's just too bad they don't make them like they used to. That's true for their mixers as well. When they were made by Hobart, they were unbeatable. But once Hobart sold KitchenAid (I believe it's owned by Maytag now), things changed. The KitchenAid mixer you buy today isn't the same machine that your mother or grandmother bought twenty years ago.

                1. re: cookingbob

                  I have to second this, I love my magimix. You should get one from Williams Sonoma though, don't get it from Chef's unless you don't care about receiving it with a scratch or two!