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Aug 28, 2008 01:48 PM

Margaritas in the West Village

Few girls meeting up want to have some margaritas maybe some apps...thinking about Maracas? Not looking for the best mexican food in the world. Somewhere laid back, fun, and good margaritas(on the cheaper side). Good choice or is there somewhere else in the village better?


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  1. I'd rather go to La Palapa or Agave for margaritas, but I've never been to Maracas. It looks a little... not so good.

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        It's not cheap, but I wouldn't call it expensive. Here's the menu:
        They also have a happy hour:

    1. better cheap margaritas at EL REY on 14th st near 8th ave.

      if you go during the daytime or very early maracas will be a more fun atmosphere, but after 8pm i'd go to EL REY for better drinks and the back yard.

      ps -- BENNYS BURRITOS has decent cheap margs too and day or night is always hopping and is a great people watching perch. i certainly can't rec the food, but a plate of nachos is fine. it's on a par with maracas.