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Aug 28, 2008 01:37 PM

Recommendations at Hudson's on the Bend

I'd like to mine the collective wisdom of the Chowhound crowd. We have reservations for 5 at Hudson's on the Bend for tomorrow, and I'd like to get as many recommendations as possible from fellow 'Hounds for each course. I've come across only a few, scattered across other threads, so any suggestions you can muster would be groovy.

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  1. Is there anything there that's not good? Generally, though, I myself would always go for any wild game dish they have on hand. It has long been known as the best for anything in this line.

    1. We haven't been to HotB for years. It used to be one of our staples when dining out or for a special occassion. The place just got too expensive, I believe, for the local economic status, what ever that means. Additionally, I felt like it had become a novelty place much like the old Magic Time Machine was, a parody on itself, if you will. Having said that, we thought the food there was nearly always good to perfect. We are having guests from out of town in October and will probably take them there. They are from Chicago and are food savvy so we figured that this, in addition to some local flavor places (they have heard about Polvo's) might give them some new experiences.

      1. the smoked venison is awesome. also, whatever dish comes with the wild boar hash is must.

        and don't waste your time with rattlesnake cakes.

        1. I've never eaten there, but I took a peek at their menu online and have some ideas for dishes for you to try and report back on, if you want to.
          Appetizers: the rattlesnake cakes, the smoked duck diablos, and the foie gras
          Salads: watermelon wedge salad
          Entrees: venison chops with lobster tail, smoked elk backstrap, beef tenderloin, and the mixed grill
          Desserts: rosemary olive oil cake
          Whatever, you eat, please do report back.

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            Albeit too late for jackietreehorn's dinner (would like to hear a report), a colleague in the industry reports to me that the mixed grill is the thing to get: buffalo, boar, venison, quail, and sausages with venison. Personally I find rattlesnake overrated. Smoked duck, though--always a winner.