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Aug 28, 2008 01:35 PM

Maryland-style crab shack near Atlanta?

Does anyone know of a maryland-style crab restaurant near Atlanta? (or if not that near, closer than driving all the way to the coast). I am talking whole blue claw crabs steamed in Old Bay that you break down yourself. With beers and sides of course! Thanks!

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  1. You could always get a bunch at YDFM and DIY it.

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      That's option two... we were thinking with Labor Day weekend it'd be fun to have someone else do the work!

    2. My fiance' is from Baltimore and we've not found a restaurant in Atlanta that serves them. We order ours from Chesapeake Crab Connection ( They steam them and ship them overnight with dry ice. All you have to do is heat them up, spread some newspaper, open a beer, and enjoy.

      1. Try Spondivits but expect to be a bit disappointed. Its quality food, clean but a bit pricey, and if you have had the chance to eat really good crabs on the east coast somewhere, you will probably not be super impressed.. Closest you will get in atlanta.

        Its a very popular place to eat and Ive never been disappointed...just never had my socks knocked off either.

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          Spondivits has steamed king and snow crab claws, but I don't think they steam whole blue crabs like you get in maryland.

        2. I have lived in Atlanta since 1996 and there has never been a traditional Maryland style crab shack.(My favorite back home is "The Seahut" in Catensville). However several farmers markets sell them in the late spring and summer and there is a place you can buy them steamed by the pound in College Park called Blue Crabs 2 Go. Typically if you find a place that has them they boil them and rob them of all the flavor but blue crabs 2 go actually steams their crabs.