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Aug 28, 2008 01:15 PM

Jockamo's in Orlando Still Open?

Does anyone know if Jockamo's on Sand Lake in Orlando has closed? I tried to call today and their phone seems to be out of order. Also, their website is gone.

This was one of our favorite places and it would be a shame if it was gone. Is there any other place in Orlando that serves New Orleans style food?


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  1. I was just chatting up Jockamo's to a beignet-craving co-worker, and when I went to show her the online menu, I realized their website was down. I'm afraid they are probably closed, since I couldn't get anyone on the phone either.

    At least you have another option for New Orleans-style food: Crooked Bayou in downtown Orlando, on Central Avenue, right across from the History Center. They don't have beignets or crawfish, but they do have red beans and rice, po'boys, gumbo, jambalaya, and muffalettas, among other things.

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    1. re: Big Bad Voodoo Lou

      Crooked Bayou also has fried pickles, tater tots, and an RBCC sandwich that is out of control...

      1. re: orlwine

        I'm not big on pickles in general, but I can vouch for the tots being the best around.

        Menu is online here:

    2. Well, Jockamo's is gone! My husband drove down there at lunchtime and he said the place is all cleared out and completely empty. What a shame - that was a fun, family run restaurant. I will miss the crawfish boils they had every year.

      Thanks for the tip about Crooked Bayou. I checked out their website and the menu looks great. Next time we go downtown we will have to check it out.

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        When you go, the easiest thing to do is to park in the municipal parking garage on Central, across from the library, and just walk to it. I think that's the closest and safest parking you'll find.

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          That is very sad to hear. It was one of the few places that I know of in the area that actually served crawfish etouffee (although they didn't have it all the time when the new owners took over). I liked the restaurant better though when it was in the tiny store in Fern Park. It was a whole lot closer to my house, and I have to admit that I rarely made it over to their new location. Either way, it will be missed.

          I've heard of the Crooked Bayou, but for some reason I always thought it was a bar and didn't serve real food. I'll need to check it out as well.

        2. Oh no. I was looking to eat there tomorrow and saw their site is down also. Second choice was to go to Crooked Bayou, but they are closed on Sundays. Anyone have any other suggestions for similar restaurants? What's a New Orleans girl to do?

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          1. re: highvoltagegrrl

            There is one newish place on West Colonial. It's somewhere west of 17-92 and east of Hiawassee, on the north side of the street, set back some on a very, very long block, probably in Pine Hills. Had a not-bad po' boy. The two employees there during my visit were Vietnamese, and the signs were in English with some Vietnamese writing. Still, it's all we've got on the west side of town. If you find it (good luck with that!) please write back and let us know what you think.

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              Sorry if this posts twice -

              We usually hit Crooked Bayou, but we also LOVE the crawfish etouffee nachos at Pat O'Brien's at Citiwalk (corn chips topped with etouffee and cheddar cheese, so good). They also have muffalettas and red beans & rice. It's fantastic out on the patio when the weather turns nice.

            2. I'd like that Jackamo's was also one of my favorites, but I must say that in its last days it did seem to slide a bit. I almost think it went under new management or staff or something. There seemed to be a point when the prices went much higher and they only offered gumbo or jambalaya as specials of the day. Over the past year I'd go in and see totally different people working, and not same (owners?) that I was used 2 and 3 years ago. I can't put my finger on it, but it just wasn't the same.

              They did have a crawfish boil not too long ago, and it seemed to be quite hopping then, so I'm not sure what happened. They also had moved to that location 4 years ago quite suddenly, so perhaps they just moved.

              Oh well.

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              1. re: frienetic

                They did change ownership after they moved, and that's when it seemed my favorite types of Cajun food, like the jambalaya and etouffee, became a sometimes menu item instead of an everyday menu item. After that menu change, I really didn't eat there that often...

                1. re: juggler

                  Exactly. That's how it seemed to me. Too bad :(

              2. The restaurant on West Colonial referenced in one of the replies is New Orlean's Cajun Seafood, 5503 W. Colonial Drive, just east of Pine Hills Road. My experience there was pretty negative. The people running the place treated me as though I was interrupting them. They were playing a loud animated movie on a television in the dining room, ostensibly for their child but the adults couldn't take their eyes off it either. No one said hello; no one said good-bye; and no one asked if everything was OK.
                had they asked I might have told them the gumbo was bland and the po'boy was a po' example of what it should be.
                Why is it that New Orleans restaurants are so hard to keep around Central Florida?


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                1. re: Scott Joseph

                  Jacamo's was great when it was in Fern Park. Downhill to extinction after the move. Not the same people = not the same love .

                  Crooked Byou is average at best and the Muffallatta sanwich was not worth the drive or parking problems.

                  Cajun Seafood on Colonial is so good it will be closed in 8 monthjs

                  Where is there good Cajun/ New Orleans dining in Central Florida?

                  I know , in my kitchen.

                  1. re: mcanni

                    Wasn't Jockamo's originally out in altamonte springs about a half mile north of the Porsche dealer in the shopping center on the left? Or am I thinking about another cajun/creole place? They were excellent when they first opened but went downhill after about 6 months.