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Aug 28, 2008 01:08 PM

Best Fries in Providence

I just moved here and am on a search for great fries. I have a daughter who is a fry fiend, and I thin they are not too bad myself. I'm really picky about quality though. Frozen zig zags will not do. What do you think the best fries in the Providence area are?

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  1. Fries are a hard one. What are you looking for? Crunchy? Greasy and Soggy? Big and Fat "potato wedge" style? "Shoe String"(Mcdonalds style)

    Johnny Rockets is a "Fast food" type chain but definitley has good fries. They're right in Providence Place Mall and another on Thayer street.

    Chellos has good fries..

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      Stanley's, hand cut, cooked dark and very crispy...

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        My idea of an ideal fry: Achieves the perfect balance between a crisp exterior and soft, fluffy interior. Not soggy, but not hard and crunchy either. Golden brown. I like them hand-cut with the skin still on.

        Thinner than steak size or wedge size. Shoestring is good, so is anything up to about 1/2 inch thick.

        Fried in canola oil. They taste better, and my daughter isn't allergic to it. :-)

        Where is Chellos? Is it a chain? I can't find a website for them.

        Johnny Rockets posts their ingredient lists on their web page, and it looks like their fries are frozen. :(

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          You know, I actually thought that the other day. I went to the new one in Cranston that I've never been to and they were..yuck. I'd delete my recommendation if I could. LOL. Maybe the other Johnny Rocket's I went to just made them better cause Cranston sucked.

          Chelos is a chain. No idea if they're frozen or not.

      2. O Rourke's in Pawtuxet Village (I believe at that point it's Warwick, just south of the bridge) has great great great "real" fries. Skin on, slightly greasy, coarse salt (so coarse it's visible on the fries) loads of flavor. Killer fish 'n chips too, if you're a fan.

        If you take Broad Street in Cranston south, you'll hit it. It's on the left hand side, just over the bridge. (From Providence, take Rt 10 south to Park Ave exit, make a left on Park, take Park till the end, make a right on Broad.)

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          I totally agree!! Their fries are incredible, and the rest of their menu is pretty darned good, too!

          1. re: RIRN2008

            I just found out they're expanding upstairs. I think it's supposed to be more like a "lounge" area but not really sure. I'd love it if they would put a porch on the back; the view back there is lovely.

            My only complaint is the wine list, or lack thereof. They have great beer on tap, but if you'd prefer a nice glass of wine you're kind of up the creek. We used to frequent l'attitudes right up the road, which does have a nice wine list, but the chef/owner there is so arrogant and inhospitable we refuse to give him our business any longer (and I know many many many people who agree),

            If O'Rourke's added a few nice bottles of wine to their menu, they'd be perfect.

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              I know when they were remodeling (before O'Rourke's opened), there was talk of the upstairs opening as more of a restaurant rather than the pub downstairs...but things might have changed since then. Either way, I'm very happy for the O'Rourke family!

              L'attitudes does have a bit of an attitude, doesn't it ;-)

        2. the frites @ red stripe are pretty awesome,shoestring style,aoli and all.the polenta fries at laterie are pretty great too,but you get them with one of the best burgers in provi,they are almost next door to each other,so go for the "fry olympics".havent been,but heard the new stanleys is serving some good fries,even with cheese and gravy!!

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            The fries I mentioned earlier are from the new Stanley's in Providence, delicious...

            1. re: Sean

              I hate to be the voice of dissent on this but I did not care for Stanley's fries at all. (I did love their burgers though).

              That said, I was only there once, so perhaps it was an off night. We got the cheese fries, and after one bite I had no more. They weren't bad, per se, just not anything special. (I didn't care for their onion rings either.)

          2. non-chains: hope street pizza
            chains: chelo's - steak or curly fries.

            1. Julian's on Broadway (West Side of PVD). On the thicker side, but not steak fry-sized. They sprinkle spice mix on top which is so delicious.

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                Sweet Potato Fries at Oak - Hope Street/Blackstone Blvd (though the reataurant has been under new ownership - not sure if this is still on the menu). They are a meal in itself.