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Aug 28, 2008 01:06 PM

Suggestions for rehearsal dinner resto in Rittenhouse Sq- Midtown Philly?

I'm currently living in Vermont and getting married in Philly in October. I'm looking for a nice, moderately priced (preferably) BYOB restaurant for the rehearsal dinner. We're going to be a party of 8-10 people, some of whom are finicky eaters (i.e., nothing too spicy or ethnic...sigh). I'd prefer BYOB but don't want the hassle of a cash-only place (or I'd try to get into Mercato). I've taken a look around the board and have seen recommendations for Branzino. Are there any other places you'd recommend? I don't want to deal with poor service or mediocre food. The dining scene in the Burlington area is a little sparse so I want to make the most of my time in town! Thanks for the help.

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  1. What would you like to spend per person?

    1. Branzino should be a wonderful choice. Delicious food, excellent service. They take credit cards. They get busy; make your reservation early.

      1. Try Square on Square on Chestnut St. Steven, the owner, will work with you to develop delicous dishes that do not have to be spicy and your group can be seated upstars.

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          Square on Square is no longer BYOB, they now have a liquor license. We'd seen the application on the window for forever, but apparently it finally went through. We had brought a bottle, not knowing, and were hoping that Steven would let it slip by, but no dice.

          Still a good choice though. I had a family dinner there a couple days before our wedding and they sat us upstairs. Everyone found something they liked.

        2. Sorry, I should have specified price - ideally, I'd like to spend around $40 per person. Thanks for the quick response!

          1. Just wanted to say that we went with Branzino for our rehearsal dinner and it was excellent. I had the Maiale alla Griglia and the husband-to-be had the Involtini di Vitello and both were fabulous. Loved my fig gelato as well. All other members of the party were very satisfied with their dishes (didn't get to sample any of those, sadly!). The service was good and the ambience was quite nice. We also appreciated how relaxed they were about my bridesmaid's month-old (well behaved) baby attending. All in all, a success! Thanks for the responses.