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Aug 28, 2008 12:46 PM

Fraser Street Vancouver

Any recommendations for restaurants on or walking distance from Fraser Street in Vancouver.

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  1. Fraser's kind of a long street. Whereabouts on Fraser were you referring to?

      1. re: AliciaRhubarb

        Starting at "The Triangle" at Kingsway:

        The Lion's Den for Jamaican and Okonomiyaki
        Ba Le for Banh Mi
        Alenka Eastern European food stuffs
        Pho Quyen near 16th(?) for Pho
        Sun Lock (old school Chinese)
        European Breads for Georgian/Ukranian breads and goodies
        Koon Bo (old school Chinese)
        Nooru Mahal (for South Indian)
        There is a bunch of Filipino cafes around 33rd(?)....none of which are particularly good but interesting nonetheless....there is one bakery there that serves some regional breads and cookies.
        Pin Pin for Filipino-Chinese food.

        Fraser is an interesting street for ethnic food.

        1. re: fmed


          Koon Lok (similar to Koon Bo) - get the shredded chicken salad at either place
          Shashuka Art Gallery and Eatery

          1. re: twinkienic

            On Broadway just before Fraser
            Red Sea Café-Ethiopian/Eritrean food-delicious.


      2. Drove down Fraser today....and was reminded of a couple more good restaurants: Ho Yuen Kee and Chili Padi.

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          Where's Ho Yuen Kee? Is that the one that's kind of across the street from Shoppers Drug Mart? There's a good restaurant that I've been to in that area, but I don't know the name :o)

            1. re: fmed

              Breka Bakery for 24 hour sweets. Pho Van for one of my favourite Pho's in the city. Flamingo for meh Dim Sum. SOON: Les Faux Bourgeois at the triangle for French country bistro.

          1. re: fmed

            Was Chili Padi open? Someone told me they have closed for good.

            1. re: kwailan4

              Oh oh. Their sign was still up...I didn't stop to check.