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Aug 28, 2008 12:33 PM

luggage-friendly lunch spot before heading to Newark airport?


We have time for lunch before heading to Newark Airport but we'll have luggage with us, so I think everybody would be happier if we didn't try to squeeze into a tight tiny restaurant. And we don't want to walk too far hauling luggage.

Our preference is to take the bus out of Port Authority to the airport, but I'm a little worried we are going to run smack into theater matinee crowds at restaurants. (Lunch window is 12:30-2:30.) But would consider using the train out of Penn Station.

Any recommendations for good food comfortably walkable to Port Authority or Penn Station with luggage?

No Italian please.


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  1. You could try 5 Napkin Burger. The dining area is fairly spacious, so you shouldn't have a problem with your luggage. It's also just a few blocks away from the Port Authority on 9th Ave.

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      Thanks, but no thanks. I'm sure I'll find something suitable, no pun intended.

    2. West Bank Cafe is on 42nd St., b/t 9th & 10th Avs., very close to the P.A. The food's excellent, service is friendly, and the interior, which has pleasing decor, is quite spacious.

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        thanks rgr, it looks very nice but a little more food than we will want to eat before getting on a red-eye.

        No doubt many will be horrified, but I just made a reservation at Metro Marche.

      2. If you are taking the coachusa bus to Newark, there are stops in front of bryant park/grand central so you can expand the area of your restaurant search.